Eating Out Tips: Indian


Things can go either way with Indian food, depending on the choices you make.

Rich curries with creamy sauces should be avoided if you're watching your weight or your fat intake. Naan breads are also often made with a lot of butter, ghee or oil and can add extra unwanted calories. Deep-fried appetizers such as pakora, samosa and onion bhaji are also best left alone.

However, if you choose vegetable and tomato-based curries or dahl along with steamed rice or flatbreads such as chapatti your meal can be reasonably low in calories, provided the portion sizes are not too large.

Tandoor-cooked meats and vegetables are a good choice and go well with lower-calorie dips like raita and chutney.


Food Calories Fat (g)
Aloo Samosa, each 156 12
Chicken Pilaf (Murgh Biriyani) 700 53
Mulligatawney soup, average 300 15
Murgh Tikka, 1 cup 300 4
Dal (lentil puree), 1 cup, no oil 230 1
Lamb Pilaf 520 35
Naan bread, 8" x 2", 1 oz 79 2
Pappadum, 1 large or 2 small 50 3
Rogan Josh 500 30
Tandoori chicken, breast 260 13
Tandoori chicken, leg/thigh 300 17