Eating Out Tips: Japanese


The ever-increasing popularity of Japanese food makes life easier for those watching their weight. With sushi bars popping up all over the place, a low-fat, low-calorie lunch, dinner or snack is never too far away. On average, a sushi lunch pack has 360 calories and 6 grams of fat, though watch for sushi rolls that use mayonnaise.

Japanese foods that are quite high in fat and calories include fried noodles, tempura dishes, and pot stickers (vegetable dumplings).

Your best non-sushi or sashimi choices include miso soup or udon noodle soup, shabu shabu (meat and vegetables dipped in a hot broth to cook), edamame beans and cucumber salad.


Food Calories Fat (g)
Sushi pack, 9 medium pieces, 7.3 oz 360 6
Nigiri-Sushi (fish-wrapped sushi), smoked salmon, 1.9 oz 136 1
Nigiri sushi, 1 serving, egg cake 141 1
Sashimi, 3 oz 132 6
Miso soup, 1 cup, with tofu 85 3
Teppan Yaki, (steak, seafood and vegetables), 10 oz 470 30
Teriyaki chicken, white rice, 14.5 oz 520 4
Noodles, udon, plain, 1.9 oz 190 2
Tempura, 3 large shrimp and veggies 320 18
Sake (wine), 3 fl. oz 117 0