Eating Out Tips: Mexican


Mexican food can offer some healthy choices if you're prepared to forego the cheese, sour cream and tortilla chips.

Good options include tamales, grilled meat and fish dishes, fajitas and soft tacos.

If you're eating at Taco Bell, choose from their Fresco menu. The items on there have a calorie reduction of between 20 to 110 calories compared to their corresponding product on Taco Bell's regular menu. For example, a Taco Bell Fresco crunchy taco is only 150  calories.

And don't forget the calories from alcohol! A margarita has over 150 calories.


Food Calories Fat (g)
Burrito, bean, Fresco style, 7.5 oz (Taco Bell) 330 7
Burrito, Beef Supreme, Fresco style, 8.5 oz (Taco Bell) 360 11
Chili con carne, no beans, 1 cup 355 19
Tortilla chips, 1 oz 140 7
Enchilada, beef, 4.4 oz 220 11
Fajita, chicken, 1 450 17
Guacamole, 3 oz 110 13
Margarita, 1 cocktail glass 153 0
Nachos supreme, Fresco style, 5.7 oz (Taco Bell) 360 19
2 taco shells, corn 130 6