Eating Out Tips: Thai


Thai cooking offers plenty of exciting flavors but the high-calorie item to avoid is full-fat coconut cream and coconut milk. (If you're cooking Thai at home, use low-fat coconut milk or low-fat evaporated milk with coconut essence added.)

When dining out, good low-calorie choices include hot and sour soups, spicy salads and vegetable or seafood dishes with steamed rice or steamed rice noodles.

Best avoided are fried noodles, spring rolls, fried fish, creamy coconut curries and coconut-based soups.


Food Calories Fat (g)
Spring roll, 1.3 oz 110 6
Tom Yam soup, seafood, 1 cup 100 3
Tom Yam soup, vegetarian, 1 cup 50 -
Thai beef salad, 1 serve 260 9
Thai chicken curry, 1 cup 340 23
Thai thick red curry with beef, 1 cup 600 50
Massaman curry, 1 cup 680 57
Pad Thai, small (Noodles & Company) 350 10