Eating Out Tips: Vietnamese


Fresh vegetables, herbs and spices feature strongly in Vietnamese cooking and you can find lots of good low-cal options when dining out on this cuisine. Fresh rice-paper rolls are a healthy choice as are stir-fry vegetables, meats, poultry, and tofu with steamed rice and salads, soups and steamed dishes.

Things to avoid include prawn fritters, deep-fried spring rolls, spare ribs, fried dishes or dishes with honey or caramel sauce.


Food Calories Fat (g)
Beef satay, 2 sticks 265 9
Rice paper roll, 1 60 1
Canh Chay (vegetable and tofu soup) 80 3
Pho Ga (chicken noodle soup), 1 ½ cups 475 6
Ga Chien (crispy chicken with plum sauce) 900 40
Cuu Xao Lan (curried lamb and vegetables in coconut milk) 900 40
Thit Heo Goi Baup Cai, (spicy cabbage rolls with pork) each 200 7
Rau Cai Xao Chay (stir-fried vegetables with soy sauce) 400 15
Vietnamese coffee, 1 cup 123 3