Healthy Snack Ideas When Traveling

If you're planning a road trip and want to take some healthy snacks that are suitable for traveling, try some of the following ideas.

Dried fruit –Get adventurous! Dates and raisins aren’t the only dried fruits around. Try unsweetened apricots, pears, apples, papaya, and mango. Dried banana is also delicious but avoid banana chips as these are cooked in oil and are high in saturated fat. Also avoid fruit rollups/leathers as these have added sugars.

Fresh fruit – Apples, oranges, and grapes make the best traveling fruits as they don’t bruise easily, but if you plan on eating your fruit early in your journey try plums, pears or bananas as well. If you’re feeling extra hurried, you can buy precut apples in bags.

Nuts & seeds –Nuts make a great snack for the road as they’re extremely filling. Raw nuts are your healthiest option, but roasted, unsalted nuts are also a good choice.

Baby carrots – Whether or not the rumor that these little guys are actually cut from full-size carrots is true, a bag of baby carrots is a great snack-in-the-box food.

Cheese – Surprisingly, some cheeses keep very well for a day without refrigeration. Choose gouda, string cheese, feta, and other cheeses that are not likely to sweat. Wrap them tightly in cloth or fabric.

Peanut butter and bread sticks – Take the jar or fill a mini plastic container. Ziploc a few mini-toasts or bread sticks for dipping, and you’ve got a snack fit for any peanut-butter-nutter! Other nut butters like almond or cashew are also good.

Tuna lunch-packs – Starkist make healthy tuna lunch packs that have tuna, relish, and crackers all in one package.