Vonja - before
Vonja - after

Vonja lost 85 lbs!

"I didn't want to end up on pills and shots and having surgeries for things that were correctible."

Before: 302 lbs
After: 217 lbs


What are your weight-control goals?
I want to be a healthy and attractive person. I want to be comfortable with myself. I want to take my dog for a jog and have her stop to walk before I have to! I want to see someone in the mirror that I've never seen before.
What is your motivation for losing weight?
I have a long family history of obesity-related medical conditions. On my dad's side, there's lots of diabetics, and my mom's side has problems with heart disease. I didn't want to end up on pills and shots and having surgeries for things that were correctible, if I watched my habits now. Oh, and I wanted to look better!
What is your weight-loss method?
I record what I eat, nearly religiously. I exercise. I make better food choices, and when I do splurge, I try to keep it in perspective - if I go out to eat, I order an appetizer size for my main meal, or a lunch-sized portion, and I try to only eat half of that.
What obstacles have you encountered while losing weight?
Everyone has obstacles. Most of mine were me-related. I've never been skinny (ever - I was heavy from 6 months on), so it was really hard for me to know, emotionally, how to even get started. I mean, logically, it was perfectly clear: eat less, move more. Simple, right? But I had to overcome tons of bad habits, and recognize why I did what I did. I'm still working on it, but now I have a better understand of what to do (and what not to do! Like treating myself to Olive Garden three times a week, for instance, and hitting the drive-thru at McDonalds every time I was out in my car).
What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?
Everyone falls off the wagon occassionally. The trick is to get back up, dust yourself off, and jump back on.
How do you feel now that you're achieving success?
Better than I ever have. It's shocking, but wonderful, to hear the comments from friends, family, and coworkers, and to have people tell them I'm motivating *them* just by showing them it can be done. I love that I can run up the stairs at work and not sound like I've just done the 200 yard dash because I'm panting so hard. I love that I can shop in normal stores, instead of exclusively plus-sized places. I love that my blood pressure has gone down, and my doctor no longer takes me aside for "We have to talk" sessions every time I set foot into her office.
How have the products or services offered by CalorieKing assisted you in your weigh-loss journey?
The Food and Exercise Diary is essential. I could not do what I do without it. I love the Forums, and that you can ask questions and talk about your experiences, and there are other people who know exactly what you're going through because they've been there or are going through it themselves. I love the journals, and getting little bits of insight into everyone's lives.

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