Nancy - before
Nancy - after

Nancy lost 50 lbs!

Before: 198 lbs
After: 148 lbs


What were your weight-control goals?
Originally my weight loss goals were to get to a size 9/10- whatever weight that would be, and to have a normal weight BMI. I am now a size 8 & do have a normal BMI.
What motivated you to lose weight?
Personal reasons really - I didn't like how I looked in photographs and I was becoming uncomfortable in my own skin. My own body seemed to be getting in the way of my comfort and I was not the person I imagined myself to be physically in my mind. My clothes-size was also about to go up another notch and I REALLY didn't like that!
What was your weight-loss method?
My weight-loss method really all came from education & exercise. I had to really learn about the foods I was eating, what my body actually needed, how to cook in more healthy ways, how to choose foods wisely when eating out. I counted (still do!) every single calorie that enters my body! I also had to start exercising regularly, something I'd never really done before. I started REALLY slow, but every day & every week am able to do more and feel so much better!
What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?
The only obstacle I had was myself - it was so hard to completely change my exercise habits and eating style. The more I learned about nutrition and exercise, the more I realized I would NEVER be able to go back to living that way again! It was a very scary thought sometimes. Now I find it hard to watch other people in the situation I was. Like my boyfriend, whose eating habits are still the same, and whose lack of exercise is causing health problems - much as I love him exactly the way he is, I often worry about him - yet feel awkward trying to "change" him, because I know I would have hated for someone to do that to me before I was ready.
What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?
Don't give up! No matter how many times you have to start over - it's worth it.... those little amounts of weight you lose DO add up over time, and one day you realize how well you've done, how good you feel, that you've really lost weight and done well - and are a much healthier happier person.
How do you feel now that you've lost weight?
I'm thrilled of course! Worried that I'll have problems keeping it off perhaps, but with all the knowlege that I've picked up along the way, I think I know enough to keep it off.
How have the products or services offered by CalorieKing assisted you in your weigh-loss journey?
The Food & Exercise Diary was something I relied on and used (still do) every day. The people in the forums are excellent shoulders to lean on, cry on, brag to, listen to & learn from.... there's nothing better than having a group of people to communicate with who have the same interests that you do - and who may have experienced the same things you are going through - and people who can learn from you too! I also got lots of recipe ideas to keep things interesting.

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