Gary - before
Gary - after

Gary lost 69 lbs!

Gary was sick of feeling tired and uncomfortable. He decided to change his situation, joined a gym and CalorieKing. With 69 lbs lost, he now feels fit, healthy and full of energy.

Before: 275 lbs
After: 206 lbs


What were your weight-control goals?

I arrived here in the USA 6 years ago at 203 lbs. Within my first year, I packed on 54 lbs, the rest slowly building up to 275 lbs by mid-May this year. I was really starting to worry about my health, as were my family. My cholesterol levels and blood pressure were up for the first time in my life. My goals were to get fitter, and whilst doing that, lose the excess weight.

What motivated you to lose weight?

At 275 lbs, I was uncomfortable. I dressed untidily, all my shirts were out, never tucked in, trying to hide my unsightly "bulges". My family were distressed and worried about my health. I couldn't even walk with them on outings. I hated going out and never got into photo takes. I used to be an international sportsman and now I was this, this, this 'blob'.

What was your weight-loss method?

I knew diets that are advertised as "quick" and "easy" and as delivering "total results" are rubbish. I knew that to lose this weight I had to recondition my body in a gym from cardio and weights to increase my metabolism. I knew I had to learn correct food quantity, quality food values and change it all into a lifestyle. That's what I have done and I am still doing it.

I joined a gym and enlisted the services of a first-class instructor, Mr. Steve Colby, who has been a total inspiration. He encouraged me to work with to monitor my food intake. That was the beginning of my new way of life. I made time for the gym, took the advice of my instructor and with that my commitment was set.

It also helped that my family were very supportive. My wife and daughter both joined the gym with me.

What were some obstacles you encountered while losing weight?

We all eat far too much unnecessary junk food because it's easy to buy on the run and it's tasty and there is so much of it at a fraction of the cost. That's not what our body needs, it's what we want!

Socially, it was hard. I cut my drinking down to an absolute minimum, which was tough for my business as well seeing that I was in sales and I had to entertain my clients often. They got over it and let me be, understanding I was trying to lose weight.

What tips do you have for others who are trying to lose weight?
  • Set goals.
  • Make commitments, whether it is to an instructor or a friend. That way, you feel bad about wasting money or letting a buddy or yourself down. Just  joining a gym is a commitment.
  • Don't starve yourself of the foods you crave or you will only end up cheating. Rather, restrict your food intake by controlling the amount of food you eat. CalorieKing was my answer to this.
  • Know what you need to eat and its calorie value.
  • Above all, PERSEVERE, PERSEVERE. Don't give up! You are allowed to fall out of the saddle now and again. Sometimes it's good to break the calorie cycle once in a while.
How do you feel now that you've lost weight?

Some people would look at me and say that I am 'half the man I was' but believe me, my energy levels are way up, without the use of Red Bull and all that junk stuff. I am fit, and I love doing so many more physical things. It's truly the real drug to give you an all time high!!

How have the products or services offered by CalorieKing assisted you in your weigh-loss journey?

CalorieKing played a very important part in my weight loss. Monitoring my food intake was one thing but learning about the true values of my food and understanding what my body prefers was vital to not only drop my weight but to make it a lifestyle. I now have a fitter body and a healthier lifestyle. This is for good, this is now my new life.


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