The CalorieKing Program For You and Your Family

The CalorieKing Program

Real change, personal transformation, and an end to dieting: The CalorieKing Program is a weight-control education that lasts for life.

The ability to lose and control weight is something everybody has. There are no secrets behind it and no expert qualifications needed. The problem is — most people either haven't learned the right skills and information to control their weight, or are not putting them into practice.

Teaching the right skills and information and getting you to put them into practice is what the CalorieKing Program is all about. Through a structured series of well-guided levels you learn the basic science, practical steps, and behavioural change behind weight loss. At the same time, you set and reach goals, learn and practice the habits for life-long weight control, and lose weight.

It's like the ultimate weight-loss guide book. Each level of the program brings together related information, goals, tools and tips that target a specific stage of weight loss. Online learning means you not only read information, you act on it. Online tools for weight loss, like the Food and Exercise Diary, are always at your fingertips. And at every point in the program, 24 hours a day, you can ask questions and discuss problems with CalorieKing staff as well as others on the program.

What will I get out of it?

The aim of the program is to teach you the skills and information you need to control your weight independently for the long-term. So — ultimately, what you can get out of the program is permanent weight loss.

To help you achieve this you'll get:

  • A well-structured and scientifically sound program that takes you step-by-step at your own pace through each stage of weight loss, showing you what to do and when, and evaluating your progress as you go
  • Detailed tutorials on topics such as emotional eating, calories, snacking, portion control, getting active, and eating styles
  • The chance to ask questions and make comments in each tutorial topic
  • Specific steps toward weight loss at each level that you're required to complete before moving onto the next level
  • Weigh-in reminders and feedback on your weigh-ins
  • Guidance for using CalorieKing's online tools
  • Real weight loss of 5 lbs in the first stage, and 10 percent of body weight in the second stage
  • Information and tools for preventing regain after you have lost weight
  • Graduation certificates for each stage

How does it work?

There are three stages to the CalorieKing Program: Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

You start off at Bronze Level 1, where you are introduced to the program. After you complete the steps for this level, two more levels follow in which you cover the basics of weight loss. By the end of the Bronze stage you have lost your first five pounds.

Onto Silver, where the basics you learned in Bronze are covered in more depth and put into practice so you develop the habits for life-long weight control. The pace of weight loss also increases so that by the end of Silver you have lost 10 percent of your body weight.

In Gold, which may take several months to reach, you learn how to keep the weight you have lost off permanently, and lose more weight if you want to.

There are several levels in each of the three stages. To move from one level to the next you will need to complete steps such as:

  • Read topics and complete tasks in those topics
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Record in your Food and Exercise Diary several times
  • Reach your Calorie Target several times
  • Review your Motivators and Barriers
  • Weigh in