Baking: Pastries, Pies, Tarts: Low-Fat Pastry

This easy-to-make pastry is perfect for all sweet or savory pies.

Author: CalorieKing
Date: December 27, 2012

Serves: 8 person(s)
Yield: 8 x slices (one 8-inch pie)

Preparation Time: 10 mins
Cooking Time: 0 mins


    2/3 cup whole-wheat flour (3 oz)
    1/3 cup self-rising flour (1.5 oz)
    2 Tbsp chilled light margarine (1.5 oz)
    2 Tbsp ricotta cheese (1.5 oz)
    1/4 cup iced water


    Mix together whole-wheat flour and sifted self-rising flour.

    Cut in well chilled margarine using 2 knives, until mixture is the size of peas. Cut in ricotta cheese. Stir in iced water using a fork, only adding liquid to dry areas.

    Form into a smooth ball and knead a couple of times. Refrigerate until required.

    Roll out pastry, being careful to lift rolling pin as you reach the edge. Place in a pie dish and finish as desired.


    Either all whole-wheat flour or white flour may be used in this recipe without significantly altering the calorie value (whole-wheat flour will yield more fiber).

    The proportion of self-rising flour is a matter of taste and may be varied.

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Nutritional Information
(Per Serving)

Calories:79 cals
Kilojoules:331 kJ
Fat:3.0 g
Carbohydrates:11.0 g
Protein:2.0 g
Cholesterol:1.0 mg
Sodium:73 mg
Saturated Fat:0.6 g
Fiber:1.0 g
Calcium:33.0 mg
Total Sugars:0.1 g

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