HAPLOTK114's Story

So who am I? A diabetic that wishes he can drink his Mountain Dew, enjoy his Mac and Cheese, Pizza, Linguica, and Steak and Cheese Subs. I am a sleep apnea kinda guy that wishes he could sleep with out the aid of a machine so Nic can stand being in the same bed with me (machine free). I am a father of 3 who wished I could go hiking with Nate more and have more energy for Mark, and will be around for Riley's wedding (when she's the ripe age of 57). I am a member of the 501st who wished I can look decent in a TK costume without looking like a big white plastic turtle. I am a school teacher that use to wear shirts and ties, but morphed into a fat, frumpy-fat-hiding-clothes wearing teacher that can't stand his silhouette against his SMART BOARD. I am a tired 41 year old looking at the last half of his life hoping to make it last as long as he can, but does not have the self-control/will power to see that happen.

I want to be drug free. I want to be machine free. I want to be that energetic, carefree person I use to be. I want to be the father my kids deserve and will model themselves after for their children. I want to be someone my wife is proud to be married to and wants to be with. I want to enjoy my grand-kids. I want to be a kick ass Stormtrooper and Imperial Officer.