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"I would say that every day since I started on CK it has helped me to a)stay focused on my goal and b)be honest with myself about what I am eating. B is something I can't say I have ever done consistently in my entire adult life." - D

"Early this morning I signed on to CK and logged everything I was going to eat today...so far I stuck to my meal plans!!! Thank you CK for making me accountable for what I eat!!!" - N

"CK helped me make better choices about what to eat and to not overeat! I am so thankful for this program! Plus, I always find encouragement in the forums!" - S

"CK helps me to be honest with myself....SO hard to do! Even after 3 months on CK I wanted to "lie" on my food diary tonight to have something extra to eat and make my calories fit. Instead, I am holding off eating anything else until bedtime - because I know if I lie to CK I am lying to myself.

Love the community here and the forums too!" - N

"I don't even consider Calorie King a "diet". I think of it as a tool in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. A very important tool, because it is my dietician, my trainer and my group therapy. All necessary in changing ones ways and getting rid of bad habits while learning new healthier ones.

CK rules in my world!" - B

"I am also very grateful for all the support that CK and the CK community offers. I live a healthier and happier life for it." - C

When I first began I was bed bound and someone had to take care of me. Today I am up every day and I drive to town and visit with friends and eat at the local cafe but at the same time following a new set of guidlines about what I eat. I also walk everyday. - N

"One quick thing. "Belonging to CK and learning to log has really helped me control what would have once been trigger foods. B/c I measure everything, I am ultimately accountable for what I put in my mouth, and I'm not mindlessly eating out of a bag, the fridge every time I walk by, etc. I have to eat with intent b/c every item makes a pit-stop on the scale. So, thank you CK!" - R

"So there it is. I'm real proud of the pic and the difference, no doubt but know this. The guy in the first photo will reappear if I don't follow the tenets and principles in this Calorie King program.

It works. It's safe. It's the correct way to do it. You really need to combine it with some good enjoyable exercise and then you've struck gold. As I sit here and type at 6 AM on a Tuesday morning, the last thing I want to do right now is run. But soon as I see a couple news web sites and make a pot of coffee......out the door I go

My story is simple. Live or die. I chose to live." - H

"CK has educated me, and helped me by giving me a tool to use to track my weight loss and eating habits. Also, the community aspect is something that I did not expect and has been possibly the most helpful." - P

"I like the posters here! When I was a member of WW, some of the posts were just so mean, they took my breath away! Knowing I'm part of such a supportive community really helps." - S

"CK is like a supportive network with people who seem to really care and walk the walk...VERY SUPPORTIVE" - S

"The tools here are great but what is even better is the people. It is the friends I met along the journey that made this happen for me. They cheered my victories and picked me up off the ground when I failed. Without the forums I would not be here." - R

"with every 'session' [of the CalorieKing Program] I'm loving CK more and more!" - S

"I'm glad everyone is doing so well. It gives me inspiration. I started the program 4 weeks ago and have had amazing results. It's amazing what i used to eat in a day without realizing it. Keeping track of everything that goes into my mouth has been an eye opener. keep up the great work everyone!" - S

"Today, I graduated from the CK Program. I am 14 weeks into the program and I have lost 25.2 lbs so far. I have another 12 lbs. to go. I want to encourage those of you who are just starting the program to to stick with it. You will find it to be worth your while. If you do persist and succeed, people who know you will approach you and say how great you look. It feels good. Although I am a guy and I hate shopping, I have to say that shopping for pants that are 4 inches smaller in the waist is really cool. You will find that you feel better about yourself and have more confidence. Be strong, have faith and you can reach your goals. I am sure of that." - M

"Yes, every day since I started 4 weeks ago, I have been so grateful for this website. I tried logging my food on an off for over ten years, but didn't know how many calories were in a lot of the things I ate, so I never actually had a full picture of my intake. Looking at some of those handwritten, make-shift "logs" now, the number of calories must have been so high! CK has allowed me to grasp the full reality of the eating situation - just how very many calories are in everything!!!

The site is so user friendly - it's like heaven. I don't know how else to describe how user friendly this site is. It was so stressful, and almost impossible, to consistently log food before. Now it is easy, due to the clean, user-friendly layout, the automatic tallying of calories, the extensive food database, the ease of entering custom foods, and the sidebar with favorite foods and custom foods, so you can pull the same foods and meals day after day." - C

"thanks to CK, I have a no-mysteries-anymore food database that is extremely user-friendly.." - W

"Logging my food gave my constant feedback on how much I was eating and reminded me of my goals. I check into the forums several times a day for inspiration from other CK members, advice and again to stay focused on changing my behavior with food." - P

"I think CalorieKing's food diary made tracking what I eat much easier then if I was trying to do this alone. It kept me constantly aware of what I am doing so I never could say, I don't know why I am not losing weight? I couldn't lose track of my diary if it is on the web and it was much quicker then trying to calculate the nutrition without the database. Also knowing the exact macronutrient breakdown kept me interested in logging my food and allowed me to overall improve the quality of what I eating in addition to controlling the quantity." - P

"I became more disciplined in my eating habits by keeping records on the computer. I could also plan in advance what I was going to eat on a specific day." - N

"Although I don't log my food and exercise every day, doing so periodically lets me know if I'm staying on target. Especially if I find myself not losing weight like I expected, it's really helpful to see that maybe I'm eating more calories than I thought, or not getting enough protein or something like that." - M

"I just wanted to say although I have not met my goal yet I have found this program very benificial. I have identified poor eating habbits and more importantly poor decisions. I have lost over 40 pounds and have an additional 25 to go but have a better understanding on what I should eat and the importance of constant monitoring of my weight and daily excersize. The biggest pain was recording my food and toward the end of my membership i slipped on the recording piece but was able to still loose weight. I would recommend this software/website to others and wanted to say thank you for the assistence." - E

"I am 3 pounds away from my intermediate goal. Needless to say I feel great and look pretty good. I have lost weight before only to gain it back, but I have never changed my lifestyle and my life's goals as I have done this time around. I have lost 80 pounds in six months and my final goal weight is forty pounds away. It may take a year or two to get there but over that time I hope to establish new set points, plateaus, good habits, new normals and eventually my goal weight. Instead of a quick short term diet to lose 50 lbs. so I could go back to eaing whole pizzas, ice cream and other fatty foods and snacks, I truly feel I am now in a new lifestyle and don't even desire the foods that I reached out for in the past for all the wrong reasons." - D

"My original Goal was to loose to 180lbs. I have since changed that several times and today I am 161lbs. I didnt believe I could lose to 180lbs!! lol I have a goal set here @ CK to lose to 155lbs (and now believe it is possible) but feel this might not even be necessary anymore. My new goal is to strength train to define my muscles into a new body shape. Thank you to CK for teaching me a LIFESTYLE (of Fitness and Nutrition) not a diet!!" - Y

"I agree with those who are saying they knew all of this information before joining CK. A lot of it is common sense. But implementing it is a lot harder than knowing it. It always serves as a wake up call for me when I log calories for something I used to eat a lot of, only to find that it adds up to more than half of my day's allotted calories. Now THAT is education." - F

"For one thing, I've finally learned that it's ok to make small changes over a long period of time. In the past, I always trapped myself in the "must do everything right, all the time, and right away" and when I couldn't sustain, would completely backslide. Or when I didn't see immediate and massive changes, I would give up. Second, I've learned that I can be an athlete at any weight. It's in my mind. I don't have to be at my goal weight to feel athletic. The success I've felt from losing weight and improving my health has now translated into other areas of my life that were suffering. I'm now back in school and doing really well. I have goals and I'm feeling more motivated than ever." - M

"Last week I went to the gym for a two hour workout. Halfway through I actually said to myself "It's too bad I can't do this more often". This from the guy who last winter looked forward to the cold weekend afternoons so I could play computer games all day!" - P

"I also love being able to run and do spin classes (exercise in general) and not feel like I'm going to pass out." - S

"I never thought I'd say this, but I enjoy working out now." - T

"Not only did I ENJOY my workout yesterday, but I want more of it. I am shocked. I used to be one of those people who would have to muster up ALL their energy to get to the gym. Last night I spent over an hour at the gym, and LOVED it. And want more of it today." - T

"I also never thought I'd find my self purposefully getting on the wrong bus home just so I'd HAVE to walk the extra distance to my house! On Tuesday this week I actually went on line to find out how long it would take me (according to Google) to walk to a further bus stop just so I could get on a bus that dropped me off 20 blocks from my home! I loved it! Both walks were so refreshing and invigorating!

Wow, healthy living makes a huge difference!" - O

"There's a whole blog entry here on how a man went from sedentary to active in one year with CK.

Now I'm at a point where I exercise because of how I feel afterwards, and because I like challenging myself. I keep track of my workouts in a log so I can see how I am improving. Seeing tangible progress is very motivating - just like with a heart-rate monitor or pedometer. You end up competing with yourself." - H

"The overall thrust of the CK program has heightened my awareness of what I am putting in my mouth. As well as writing down what I eat religiously and adjusting foods that have the wrong nutrients, I have executed an exercise program for myself. If anyone knows me, I have avoided exercise in ANY form since I was a kid. I hate to sweat, but after realizing that my body had almost gone to pot and seeing results with even a small amount of exercise daily (Wii Fit) I am a believer.

I now don't have feet that hurt all the time when I take a walk. My back pain that has been my constant companion for 25 years has abated and sometimes is on vacation! Exercise doesn't make you sweat - it releases beads of tears from a body that has been bleeding for movement. The body is a wonderful creation and the way that we treat it gives us the results that either enhances or diminishes our lives." - K

"Since joining Calorie King I can now walk 5 km easily and run about a quarter of a mile. Now, that may not seem like such a big deal to some but for me it is amazing. I have bad asthma and could barely run a few steps but with practice I'm getting there." - I

"I know that working out has made such a differencand keeps me in control of what i eat" - M

"Before I started calorie counting and losing weight, I lived a mostly sedentary life. Since then, I've come quite a long way with regular ca I'm even running three miles at a time, which I used to think ble for me, and training to improve my times to run a 5K. It definitely helps keep me focused." - C

"I think it is important to understand that just about anyone can get conditioned througe. I started with 15 minute work-outs in the beginning because feel like I could do more and my motivation was low. Now, I can do a heavy cardio work-out for 45 minutes or more and I feel reat to be able to set goals and motivations and watch progress.

Like I said, new to this, but I've been doing the counting/recording for about 5 weeks now, and I'm down 7#. Good for me!"My goal is no longer a number but a way of life.

I have totally changed my behavior and the way I look at food and exercise. I eat more now than I did when I started Calorie King but my fos do not include fast food.

I work out at least 45 minutes of cardio a day, and weight or resistance train two or three days a week.

I just turned 55 and feel better than I did at 25.

Thanks C.K. for the tools that gave me consistency.

Slow and steady wins the race." - M

I am so grateful that I found CK. It has been a lifesaver - literally!" - D

"I didn't start on the CalorieKing program to just see if I could lose some weight - I wanted to change the way I live my life and I've done it!" - C

"I use the full range of CalorieKing tools and I love it. I love the choice, the freedom and the scientific certainty of it. I also appreciate the monitoring of fat, cholesterol and sodium that are now so important for me to keep at appropriate levels" - G

I have tried journaling in the past using a notebook but it does not compare with logging everything on CalorieKing.com. I love being able to see the breakdown of nutrients, I log my blood sugar readings and take them to the doctor along with a breakdown of my food intake over the past month and it is very helpful. I regularly use the recipes and love the success stories." - L

Using the food and exercise diary has been the most effective tool for me. It is really an eye opener. I also find that I continue to learn about better choices." - L

"I've reached my goal weight of 130 pounds and I wear a size 3, but I still log my calories in my Food and Exercise Diary. Now, I'm using CalorieKing to modify my eating plan and maintain my weight." - Ca

"My doctor has asked me for the name of my program so he can suggest it to some of his patients. My diabetes is so much better, I am able to do more. And whereas I used to wear a size 24, now I am getting into 18's. I know I still have a way to go until I reach my goal weight, but I'm on track!" - K

"CalorieKing has really been there for me - they keep me in check with my food intake, let me see my progress each week, there is a lot of support and it is so affordable. I could never afford those other programs they have online or on tv. I can do this!" - K

"I truly would have given up along time ago if it wasn't for my CalorieKing.com family. They support me to no end." - S

"CalorieKing.com's products were integral to my success, as well as the support given by the wonderful members of CK's online community. It made all the difference in the world for me." - A

"I have hidden myself for too long. It's now time to LIVE!" - B

"Without CalorieKing, I would still be on a yo-yo diet. Up and down, not knowing why I always gained my weight back. The CalorieKing.com University truly is an invaluable tool." - T

"CalorieKing.com offered so much to me. When I found it, I just used the Food Database and Diary because that what I thought I needed. Then I started to post on the forums, let me tell you once you post on the forums they get addictive! Well the forums helped me so much, helped me notice there are others like me going through the same things. The people on CalorieKing.com are so wonderful they gave me support and encouragement to go the extra mile. Helped me get motivated. I LOVE U ALL CK, YOU'RE THE BEST!" - B

"I definitely would not have accomplished my weight loss success without the support and guidance I have received at CalorieKing.com." - S

"The food database was the first tool I used. I was constantly checking and planning. Then, I started using the food and exercise diary. WOW! Without that I don't know if I would've stayed so diligent. And maybe the most positive thing about CalorieKing.com are the forums. I have never been a computer chat/forum person. This is my first experience with it - and the people here are so wonderful. I have those that I can rely on for encouragement, those for a good butt-kicking, those for a laugh, those for sympathy. . . The whole community is something I never would have imagined, and WAY more than I could've asked for." - J

"Gaining weight is easy. Losing it and taking control can be one of the hardest and loneliest things you'll ever do. Being a part of the CalorieKing.com community makes it enjoyable. The tools I now have and the friendships made will be with me forever." - K

"I was using the food database as a non-member and tracking my own food consumption. Combined with regular exercise, I lost about 30 pounds and hit a rut. I became a member and it helped renew my focus and I lost the remaining 25 pounds I wanted to. The King keeps me honest, motivated and focused. I'll continue as a member even though I have reached my goals" - M

"The online food log is awesome. I can access it from home or work, or even an Internet cafe which is useful since I travel often. The forums and support from other members are key!" - K

"I love the Forums, and that you can ask questions and talk about your experiences, and there are other people who know exactly what you're going through because they've been there or are going through it themselves." - V

"CalorieKing.com is a lifesaver. Although I've tried dozens of diets over many years (and some of them actually worked), it wasn't until I started to keep a daily record of my food and calories that I've finally been able to maintain the weight loss. It's been a little over a year now and still going strong. My weight hasn't fluctuated more than 2-3 lbs since achieving the loss." - S

"The Food and Exercise Diary were invaluable to my weight loss, and I really could not have been successful without the caring, supportive, and well informed CalorieKing community." - T

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