Pedometer Walking

Pedometer Walking



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Kick-start your weight loss by walking more: Pedometer Walking shows you how to easily increase the number of steps you take and how to choose and use a pedometer.

Increasing the amount of physical activity you do helps you to achieve your weight-control goals faster. But if you're new to exercise, jogging three times a week can seem daunting or just plain unappealing. Walking, however, is likely to be something you already do every day. It makes sense then to start your exercise plan by increasing the amount of walking you do.

Pedometer Walking sets out:

  • Easy ways to increase the number of steps you take each day
  • What a pedometer is, and why it's a must-have motivational tool for anyone who wants to lose weight
  • How to choose and use a pedometer
  • A six-week program to get you started walking your way to weight loss

Written by Mark Fenton, television personality and author of the best-selling Complete Guide to Walking, along with top exercise researcher, David R. Bassett, Pedometer Walking shows you how to maximize the benefits of walking.

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