Comience a tomar las decisiones que conducen al control de peso.

Ya sea que quiera perder peso, controlar su diabetes o mejorar su salud; no hay soluciones rápidas y las dietas de moda no funcionan. Lo que cuenta son las elecciones diarias de alimentos. Ahí es donde entran nuestras guías confiables y convenientes.

2020 CalorieKing Caloría, Grasa & Carbohidrato Contador

by Allan Borushek, Clinical Dietitian & Health Educator.

CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter

To make the smart food choices that lead to permanent weight control, you must become aware of what you eat on a day-to-day basis. The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter is the most accurate resource for calorie, fat & carbohydrate counts.

Take it everywhere; look up foods before you eat, when eating choices count the most! With over 15 million copies sold, this pocket-size guide consistently receives the highest average reader rating of all books of its kind and is recommended by healthcare professionals.

2020 CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter

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  • 17,000 food listings, both brand name and generic - researched and regularly updated by our team of dietitians and food researchers.
  • A "book-within-a-book": Menu items from 200 fast food chains and restaurants - the most comprehensive available, plus a unique Eating Out section that includes international, carnival, fair, stadium, and movie-theater foods.
  • Useful guides and bonus counters for: Alcohol, caffeine, fat & cholesterol, fiber, protein, iron, and sodium.
  • Informative reference sections on weight management, plus a section on diabetes co-authored with the world-renowned Joslin Diabetes Center.
  • Color-coded listings and thousands of photos make it quick and easy to find your favorite foods.
  • Large Print Edition available. It has all the information of the pocket-sized book, but is easier to read with its larger print and 5" x 7" size.

Take control of your eating habits today!

CalorieKing Food & Exercise Journal

by Allan Borushek, Clinical Dietitian & Health Educator.

A food diary is the most powerful tool to help you become aware of your eating. Research* shows that people who keep a food diary lose more weight than people who don’t. Use this pocket-sized diary to prevent "calorie amnesia" and control your weight for life!

Keeping a food journal greatly improves weight-loss success and maintenance for most overweight people. In fact, "self-monitoring" by using a journal is the most powerful predictor of long-term success for weight control.

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  • 10 weeks, one day per page with weekly summary page
  • Space to record calories, fat, & exercise calories
  • Optional column for protein or carbohydrate
  • A mini calorie, fat & carb counter
  • Fits in your pocket
  • Perfect companion to The CalorieKing Calorie, Fat & Carbohydrate Counter

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* Kaiser Permanente's Center for Health Research, "Weight Loss During the Intensive Intervention Phase of the Weight-Loss Maintenance Trial.", American Journal of Preventive Medicine Volume 35, Issue 2, Pages 118-126 (August 2008)