Remove the guesswork from losing weight.

ControlMyWeight™ is the easiest and most accurate calorie counter for iPhone and iPad.
I have used this app for several years now and find it very helpful.

— Mongo25568, App Store Review

No confusing points systems

No special foods to buy

No monthly subscriptions

Know when you're on target

To lose weight, you need to eat the right amount of calories. ControlMyWeight™ gives you a personalized target and tells you when you've reached it.

and when you’re off

Most people don't know how much they eat, which can lead to weight gain. ControlMyWeight™ lets you know when you've eaten too much and helps you get back on track!

Verified food data

CalorieKing has the best food database available. Every entry is verified to clinical standards and is continuously updated.

Weight loss progress

Your calorie targets changed when you meet your goals to help you maintain and control your weight.

No internet required

Look up foods wherever you are; no need to wait for a wifi connection!

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