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Saturday, Jun 23 2007 - Deliquent again!

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:hi: Y'all, late here again. Circumstances prevent me from being so gung ho and I guess also make me a little lazy.

But! Did have a rough night so slept in a little later and then did some bush hogging in the back pasture in 93 degree heat. The sun and the heat from the tractor almost did the old man in. Guess I am getting old in spite of hanging on with both hands and leaving scratch marks as I am being dragged into..........deep :sleep3:.

The blooming lily is at the corner of the front porch where my mother was living here before she passed away. It just keeps blooming year after year.

The heron comes almost every day to fish. He is very wary and it is very difficult to get a good shot of him even with the long range lens. He seems to spot me every time I head out in his direction across the pasture. :(

Hope all are having a great day inspite of the heat. Perhaps it will decide to rain before summer ends. Hope so any way. At any rate, the day is a beautiful one and it's still good to be alive and kicking even if the kicks aren't very high. :)

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a decade ago

:hi: Jim, Late or early, it is ALWAYS sooo good and warm to hear from you :love:!!! Sorry you feel like you are being dragged into The Deep Sleep, and are feeling its fatigued edges now; but I am glad that you still find the joy in kicking around your humanity--we will all love you forever and always :inlove1:!!! Okay, this has turned into a kind of morbid comment, when what I feel is warm and light-hearted :huh:, so I'd better stop before I accidently make everyone depressed :)!!! Despite how my words came out tonight, I am REALLY sending you smiles and joy and love =D!!!! Love you, Kristen :heart1:



a decade ago

:wave1: Better late than never....Glad you got some much need sleep last night...however that was not a good thing for you to be out in that 93 degree heat.. I wish you had someone that could help you out when the weather is hot and muggy...Not healthy for you to be out there....Love your lily....Hope you are in for the day...Have a wonderful evening..:)