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  • its ease of use is quickly making it one of my favorite fitness apps
    — Mike Wehner, TUAW
  • Every feature of this app is well thought out and user friendly.
    — Fairy Wings 58, iTunes review
  • I recommend this app to all my friends and family who desire healthier lives!
    — CherLc, iTunes review
  • I love this app and the fact the database is accurate.
    — Charlottia28, iTunes review
  • The best app I have tried so far. Very easy to use and excellent database.
    — AtDisneyToday, iTunes review
  • No confusing points systems
    No special foods to buy
    No monthly subscriptions


    Know when you’re on target

    To lose weight, you need to eat the right amount of calories. ControlMyWeight™ gives you a personalized target and tells you when you've reached it.

    and when you’re off

    Most people don't know how much they eat, which can lead to weight gain. ControlMyWeight™ lets you know when you've eaten too much and helps you get back on track!

    Verified food data

    CalorieKing has the best food database available. Every entry is verified to clinical standards and is continuously updated.

    Weight loss progress

    Your calorie targets change when you meet your goals to help you maintain and control your weight.

    No internet required

    Add and look up foods wherever you are; no need to wait for a wifi connection!

    Frequently Asked Questions Get answers

    Does the app sync with the website?

    ControlMyWeight is an iPhone app for those who are not currently CalorieKing Program members. It does not sync with CalorieKing Program membership or CalorieKing desktop software.

    Is it available for Android?

    Although we have plans to release an Android app in the near future, there is currently no Android version available.

    Does it work on iPad and iPad mini?

    ControlMyWeight™ works on iPad and iPad mini, but it's designed for iPhone.

    Do I need to pay any membership fees?

    No, there are no hidden fees or small print. The one-off purchase gives you unlimited, advertising-free use of this app.

    What sets ControlMyWeight™ apart from other calorie counter apps?

    The key to weight management is knowing exactly how many calories you consume and burn through activity. Most of the calorie counters on the market are filled with foods submitted by the app's users, which leads to incorrect data and makes accurately tracking your food intake impossible. ControlMyWeight™ has the most reliable food database, which can mean the difference between trying to lose weight and actually losing weight.

    Can I export or print my charts and diary entries?

    Currently there is no export or print function within the app.

    Can I track carbs instead of calories?

    The app's main focus is on calorie counting but carbohydrate information is available for all foods and meals.

    How long will it take my to reach my goal weight?

    If you chose to lose weight, your recommended calorie target allows you to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week. This is safe and sustainable weight loss. However, not everyone is the same, so you might lose more or less. For this reason we don't give you a time frame.

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