Cooking Glossary

To wrap meat (particularly chicken and lean meats) with bacon or salted pork while roasting, to prevent it from drying out. The wrapper is removed towards the end of cooking, to allow the meat to brown.
To pour, spoon or brush a liquid (usually meat drippings, stock or fat) on food while it is cooking, to add flavor and prevent drying out.
A white sauce that is usually made with milk and cream.
A sauce served with meat or fish, made from white wine, brown sauce, lemon juice and shallots.
A thick and rich creamy soup, most often made from shellfish.
A small patty of creamed meat or fish, in a pastry shell.
Bouquet Garni
A small bundle of herbs used to enhance the flavor of a soup or stew. Any herbs may be used, but the most common combination is bay leaf, parsley and thyme.
Meats served with vegetables.
A technique of cooking in which meat or vegetables are first browned in oil and/or butter, then cooked at a low heat for a lengthy period of time in a covered pot in a small amount of liquid. This process adds flavor, and tenderizes the food by breaking down its fibers.
A roll made of light sweet dough.
Cubes of meat on a skewer.
Vegetables cut into fine, small cubes (usually made from julienne).
To cook quickly over high heat, thus causing the surface to become brown while retaining a moist interior.
To split meat almost completely in half with a knife and then spread it apart.