How many calories inAhold


Non Pareils Candy

Spearmint Starlights Hard Candy

Holiday Starlight Mints Hard Candy

Holiday Cinnamon Santas Candy

Hard Candy, Assorted Fruit Drops

Minty Fresh Candy

Silver Mints Hard Candy

Gummi Bunnies

Sweet & Soft Candy

Holiday Starlight Mints

Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows, Peppermint

Sweet Candy Corn

Jelly Beans Sweet & Colorful Chewy Candy

Peach Rings Candy

Sour Buds

Spice Drops Candy

Gummi Pumpkins, Bright & Chewy Gummi Candy

Hard Candy

Canada Candy

Holiday Royal Mix Assorted Hard Candy

Gummi Candy

Gummi Bears

Spiced Jelly Eggs

Sour Hard Candy

Soft Peppermints Sweet Striped Mint Candy

Licorice Jelly Eggs Flavored Candy

Orange Slices Fruit Chewy Candy

Red Ju Ju Fish Candy

Spearmint Leaves Candy

Butterscotch Buttons Hard Candy, Sugar Free

Sweet Peanut-Shaped Soft Candy

Gummi Worms Candy

Rolls Of Rainbow-Colored Candy

Holiday Sanded Trees & Snowmen, Sweet & Chewy Candy

Rainforest Frogs Gummi

Royal Mix Assorted Hard Candy

Candy, Wintergreen Canada Mints

Speckled Jelly Eggs

12 Candy Canes

Sweet Autumn Candy Corn

Flavored Candy, Tiny Jelly Eggs

Sweet And Colorful Tiny Conversation Hearts Candy

Pastal Mints

Candy Corn, Sweet Candy

Jelly Pumpkins Gummi Candy

Colorful Straws With Powdered Candy

Gummi Bears Candy

Holiday Milk Chocolate Non Pareils

Fruit Slices Candy

Spice Drops Colorful Spiced Candy

Colorful Candy

Starlights Sweet Swirled Hard Candy

Canada Mints Peppermint

Hard Candy, Strawberry Buds

White Morsels

Blue Gummi Sharks

Candy, Cinnamon Bears

Hard Candy With Chewy Centres

Peppermint Candy Apple

Colorful Spiced Candy

Holiday Soft Peppermints