How many calories inHungry Jack's Australia

Drinks, Cold

Bursties Candy add-on, All Flavours

Frozen Coke, Average All Sizes

Chocolate Thickshake, large

Jack's Cafe Iced Coffee, large

Chocolate Thickshake, medium

Vanilla Thickshake, large

Caramel Iced Coffee, large

Caramel Thickshake, small

Strawberry Thickshake, small

Coke with Ice, large

Jack's Cafe Iced Chocolate, medium

Oreo Deluxe Thickshake

Orange Juice, large

Jack's Cafe Iced Mocha, large

Frozen Coke Spider, Average All Sizes

Vanilla Thickshake, medium

Sprite with Ice, large

Caramel Thickshake, medium

Jack's Cafe Iced Coffee, small

Coke with Ice, small

Jack's Cafe Iced Coffee, medium

Coke with Ice, medium

Jack's Cafe Iced Chocolate, large

Fanta Raspberry with Ice, large

Caramel Thickshake, large

Frozen Fanta Spider, Average All Flavours and Sizes

Fanta Orange with Ice, large

Sprite with Ice, small

Orange Juice, small

Coke No Sugar with Ice, large

Caramel Iced Coffee, small

Orange Juice, medium

Strawberry Thickshake, large

Coke No Sugar with Ice, small

Fanta Orange with Ice, medium

Caramel Iced Coffee, medium

Diet Coke with Ice, small

Diet Coke with Ice, large

Frozen Fanta, Average All Flavours

Jack's Cafe Iced Chocolate, small

Jack's Cafe Iced Mocha, small

Fanta Raspberry with Ice, small

Sprite with Ice, medium

Fanta Raspberry with Ice, medium

Chocolate Deluxe Thickshake

Jack's Cafe Iced Mocha, medium

Strawberry Thickshake, medium

Caramel Deluxe Thickshake

Chocolate Thickshake, small

Diet Coke with Ice, medium

Coke No Sugar with Ice, medium

Vanilla Shake with Strawberry Bursties

Strawberry Deluxe Thickshake

Fanta Orange with Ice, small

Vanilla Shake with Rainbow Bursties

Vanilla Shake with Orange Bursties

Vanilla Shake with Lemon Bursties

Vanilla Thickshake, small