How many calories inTrader Joe's


Pecorino Romano, Grated

Brie, Double Creme

3 Cheese Blend, Shredded Lite

Trader Giotto's, Parmesan, Freshly Shredded

Parmigiano Reggiano, Grated

Sheep's Milk

Feta, Fat-Free, Crumbled

Cheddar, Wisconsin Cheese Curds

Grana Padano Parmesan, Shaved

Pepper Jack, Sliced

Quattro Formaggio, Shredded

Cheddar, English, with Caramelized Onions

Brie, Goat Milk

Feta, Authentic Greek

Soy, Cheddar Sliced

White Stilton, with Apricots

Cheddar, Sharp, Shredded

Pecorino Romano

Mexican Blend, Fancy Shredded Lite

Gouda, Dutch

Gorgonzola, Crumbled

Mozzarella, All Natural

Gouda, Double Cream

Parmesan Reggiano


Parmesan Reggiano, Shaved

3 Cheese Blend, Shredded

Pecorino Romano & Parmesan Blend, Grated

Blue Stilton

Fontina, Semi-Soft

Brie, Double Creme France

Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio

String Light

Goat, Crumbled

Colby Jack, Sliced

Cheddar, Sharp Sliced

Feta Light

English Handmade, with Crushed Hops

Cheddar, Wisconsin Extra Sharp

Cheddar, Moroccan Spice

Trader Giotto's, Fresh Ricotta, Traditional

Organic, String

Snack Sticks, Monterey Jack

Snack Sticks, Cheddar Mild Lite

Cheddar, Celtic Sharp Lite

Brie, Double Creme Canada

Huntsman Double Gloucester & Stilton

Organic, Jack Pepper

Cheddar New Zealand , Sharp Grass Fed

Brie, Light

Italian Truffle

Mexican Blend, Fancy Shredded


Feta, Crumbled

Basque Shepherd's

Provolone Sharp

Organic, Mozzarella, Shredded

Jack, Jalapeno Monterey

Gouda, Reserve

Cheddar Australian

Parmesan, Bel Gioioso

Jack, Monterey

Mozzarella, Shredded

Muenster, Lite Sliced

Cheddar, Wisconsin Sharp

All Natural, Perlini

Parmesan, Grated

Feta, Crumbled, with Mediterranean Herbs

Muenster, Sliced

Mozzarella, Park Skim Sliced

All Natural, Ovoline


Cheddar, English Coastal

Swiss, Sliced

Cheddar, English, with Real English Ale & Mustard


Cheddar, Canadian Extra Sharp

Cheddar, Lite Sliced

Havarti Lite

Organic, Jack Monterey

Yogurt, Jalapeno Sliced

Cheddar, Vermont

Organic, String Light

All Natural, Ciliegine

Bavarian Beer

Yogurt, Sliced

Salem Blue, Crumbled

Organic, Cheddar New Zealand

Havarti, Sliced

Provolone, Sliced

Jack, Colby

Snack Sticks, Cheddar Mild

Cheddar, California Mild

Smoked, Dutch Reduced-Fat

Cheddar, English Farm-Made

Mozzarella, Marinated

Soy, Mozzarella

Cheddar, New York X-Tra Sharp

Smoked, Dutch

Cheddar, English Handmade