How many calories inTesco

Fresh Fruits

Clementine, Easy Peelers

Bramley Cooking Apples

Jazz Apple

Sweet Snowball Melon

Red Seedless Grapes, punnet

Honeydew Melon Each

Jaffa Oranges Minimum 5 Pack

Granny Smith Apples Class 1 Loose

Satsuma Pack

Ready To Eat Extra Large Avocados Each

Jaffa Clementine Or Sweet Easy Peeler

Punnet Cherries 200G Plus 25% Free

Gala Apples

Black Seedless Grapes

Pink Lady Apples

Bananas, Small, ripe

Pineapple Fingers

Watermelon Wedges

Kiwi Fruit, large

Kanzi Apples

Green Seedless Grapes

Braeburn Apples

Conference Pears

Pineapple Fingers

Ripe & Ready, Bananas

Ripen At Home Hass Avocados

Mandarin (Easy Peeler)

Large Selection Grapes 800G Pack

Mango Fingers

Pink Lady Apples

Gala Apple Minimum 5 Pack

Watermelon & Mango Fingers

Supersweet Plums

Pink Lady Apple Pot

Ripe & Ready, Avocado, medium




Perfectly Ripe Mango


Fruit Platter

Yellow Plums

Braeburn Apple

Berry Medley

Flat Nectarines

Pears, Conference Class

Apples (British)

Pink Lady Apple & Grape Pot

Red Grapefruit Each

Ripen At Home Bananas 5 Pack

Granny Smith Apple Minimum 5 Pack

Papaya Each

Watermelon Each

Red Seedless Grapes

Oranges Each

Pear, Apple & Grapes, sliced

Galia Melon

Pink Lady Apple & Grape Pack

Melon, Grapes, Kiwi, Strawberry & Pomegranate

Ripe And Ready 2 Pack Mango

Organic Braeburn Apples


Golden Delicious Apples Class 1 Loose


Conference Pears

Ripe Papaya 2 Pack

Super Sweet White Flesh Nectarines 3 Pack

Pineapple Chunks


Melon Slices

Kiwi, Melon & Strawberries

Ripen at Home, Seasonal Pears

Exotic Fruit Mix



Supersweet Gold Kiwi

Giant Mango Each

Watermelon Fingers


Melon & Grapes

Seedless Grapes

Ripen at Home, Peaches

Large Classic Fruit Salad

Limes Minimum 5 Pack

Melon Fingers, tray

Classic Fruit Salad

Nectarines Minimum 4 Pack

Mango Chunks

Supersweet White Flesh Peach

Golden Delicious Apple Minimum 5

Seasonal Watermelon Mango Blueberry


Seasonal Nectarine Cherry Melon

Berry Trio

Rainforest Alliance Coconut Each



Melon & Grapes

Pineapple, large

Melon Medley