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Sunday, Apr 17 2011

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it is Sunday and I am online again! Yesterday started off great and then I lost focused in the evening. I ate a quick snack without thinking because I was super hungry. I thought Oh, I will cut down on dinner but when I got back from doing errands I was still hungry and had dinner too. I ate too many sweet things. WAY over my calories.

On the postivie note....I logged EVERYTHING so i could see the damage. I was WAY WAY over. I am taking it as a learning experience and am trying for a green check on Sunday!

So far everything is logged. I think yesterday I was thursty and did not drink enough water. I am going to work on hydrating today. Had an OK 5 mile run. Not bad for being the first run without taking walk breaks after getting that nasty cold. run time was pretty decent but I had to work very hard to keep the pace the entire run. It is a beautiful spring day hear in Misssouri! Focus Lisa focus....get that green check! Drink water instead of grabbing food!

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7 years ago

I stink at logging over the weekend! I need to really try harder...
Have a great week!