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Thursday, Aug 30 2007 - life's ups and downs

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today is a much better day. i stayed very focused yesterday. in fact for the first time since i began this journey i was way under on my calorie intake. i did not plan it and i am not saying it is always a good thing but it made me realize that when i have to eat less (than i am eating now) it won't be that difficult. based on this, i decided to lower my calorie target a bit and see if that helps speed my progress to some degree. believe me, we are nowhere close to starvation mode. i think i will do just fine.

i have been busy with 2 new groups i started on ck. for those of you who may have missed the announcement, ck added the ability to add group forums which people can start based on whatever topic or commonality they choose. i started "The Century Club" for people who have to lose more than 100 pounds and "We Love Game Threads" for people who like to play word games. There are dozens of other groups that people have started. you can find them under community and then groups. i highly recommend joining whichever ones float your boat! it's just another way to participate with ck which ultimately helps one focus at the task at hand...at least i think so.

the girls are coming over shortly and we are taking our last road trip for the summer. i am sort of sad about summer ending for many reasons; seeing my girlfriends more regularly is one of them. marianne and cathy both have jobs in schools so they go back to work next week. that will leave me a little more time on line until i find a job and get back to working full time. by the way in the past 24 hours i went from worrying about going back to work to feeling excited about the prospect! talk about mood swings...:)

which brings me to today’s topic. talk about a roller coaster! i have come to the conclusion that is what life is all about. if every day were the same we would be awfully bored. feeling the same way every day would have the same effect; like talking in a monotone voice every day. You need a little emotion to stir the pot. otherwise no one will listen to what you have to say, perhaps not even yourself! i have had my fill of highs and lows during the past few days. hopefully this will hold me for awhile. :laugh5: i don’t want to get too carried away!

nothing is more boring
than the super highway
without twists and turns
and beautiful vistas
to get our minds daydreaming
about life
and all its glory

a journey
to keep things interesting
needs some
bumps in the road
we have to take detours
and make mistakes
and wrong turns
to make us laugh
to stop us
from falling asleep
at the wheel
and driving off the
the long, boring road

i like my twists
and turns
on this journey
to health
and happiness
and fitness
ah, fitness
i have never been
there before
at least that i can remember
so why am
i in such a rush to get there?
when i might miss all the discoveries
about me
i will find along the way

like the strength
i have
buried for so long
and the determination
i haven't used since
i learned to ski
30 years ago
and wouldn't give up
until i stopped falling down
and enjoyed
every day
of the process
how did i lose
that enthusiasm?
i think
it got left behind
along with
a positive self image
and the belief in myself
that i could do anything
if i tried

but now
i want it back
and i have it back
i have found the mojo
that i needed
so desperately
for so many years
to get me back to me
and back to feeling
ever single day
with patience
to walk the walk
for as long as i need to
oh i need to

ups and downs
yes, that's my life
and that is yours
my friends
it's the nature
of living
of loving
of reveling
of succeeding
no matter what the task
and once you accept that
you take every bump in the road
and walk around it
or over it
to keep going
to the end
of the rainbow
where our dreams
wait for us
to claim
i'll be there someday
this i know
to be true
yes, i really do.

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a decade ago

Have a great day and wknd with your friends. Glad you are feeling better. Take care. Sue




a decade ago

Enjoying the ride. Yes, that's what I'm into right now, as well. What else is there to do, my friend? Hope you had a wonderful day. :)

by BUN201



a decade ago

Grace, I am spending some time playing catch-up here tonight. I have to say that you really should be a published author with your poems. I just love them. I come away with such a positive and peaceful feeling with all of them. Hugs and good luck with your teams. I started one also called No more excuses.

Have a fantastic weekend.




a decade ago

:kiss::hi: Have fun!:teeth1:




a decade ago

Hi Grace,
So glad you are feeling better. I hope you have fun with your friends. I need a girl trip myself. I have 4 sisters but they are always too busy.



a decade ago

You must be out in your caddy convertible with your two friends headed for the best hamburger joint in Westchester. I always picture you in a Lana Turner sweater sitting on a stool drinking an ice cream soda. You ought to be in pictures or at least write scripts.
:love::love::love::love: Rona

by RSW



a decade ago

:hi: Rollercoaster describes my life rather well. But I wouldn't have it any other way. I don't mind the ups and downs. I was once told that for every down you have the up that follows is 3 times better. :) I hope you are having a great day! :)




a decade ago

Grace you are such an inspiration to us all. I am so glad that you are here:) Hope you have a fun road trip and be careful my friend :heart2:




a decade ago

Grace you are such an inspiration to us all. I am so glad that you are here:) Hope you have a fun road trip and be careful my friend :heart2:




a decade ago

:wave1:So glad you like my weather reports..:laugh5: Still yucky here...very humid...but you are use to having that kind of weather but I am not...Have a good day....I am in two groups...did not start them but joined them....:)




a decade ago

Yes roller coaster for sure...:)