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Monday, Mar 5 2012

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Life continues to be crazy. I felt like I never sat down this weekend.

I am the cookie manager for Elizabeth's Girl Scout troop. I had to pick up, sort and hand out all the troopÂ’s cookies. It was fun we did it as a family but I barely got any house work done. I just barely got the laundry done.

On top of that I had my 6 mile run on Saturday and then 9 mile run on Sunday. The 6 mile run was a little hard because the night before our PT session was a hard one. It felt like we did 1,000 squats with heavy weights and a million over the head thrusters. Saturday my legs and arms felt so heavy. I was dreading the 9 mile run but surprisingly it went very well. I felt great. I guess the 6 mile run helped loosen everything up.

I have been working on getting my carbs in check and it seems to have helped. I am back down to 219.75!!! Last week I saw 224. Physically I feel great. Emotionally I am hoping this motivation and great feeling will last! I really think my nutrition plan is really helping me feel so good physically.

Now off to a crazy busy, emotional work day. Lots of changes going on at work right now.

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6 years ago

You are a machine girl! Great job - keep it up. :thumbu2:




6 years ago

YIKES, cookies!!!
good that your zeroing on your carbs for energy when you need it
so much to pay attention to when your a athlete




6 years ago

I was cookie mom too... for 4 years I hated that "job". I really think those parents who can so easily give of their little smidge of personal time to be truly special... or a little crazy! I've had to move my volunteer time WAYYYYY back in the last year so that I can feel like I'm coming close to having some balance. Good for you for handling so many different, and often conflicting, responsibilities so exceptionally well!

Fingers crossed for another great week, Lisa!




6 years ago

Yeah for the scale going back down. You are really making everything work the way it should.
I hope you have a stressfree work weeks with all the changes.




6 years ago

Had to comment, as I am the cookie Mom for our troop as well. Our cookie selling season is almost over. I finished up our last booth on Saturday and used up all our inventory, so I feel like "Whew!" what a relief. I always feel bad if our troop is stuck with any leftovers. Of all the stupid fundraisers we have to do with our kids, I most enjoy selling Girl Scout cookies. Honestly, they sell themselves and they're so reasonably priced (unlike Boy Scout popcorn, YIKES!). Anyway...good luck with cookie selling season!