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Tuesday, May 22 2012

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I had to travel for work Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They were very long days of standing and helping conference attendees. I did not even pretend that I was going to work out during the travel, on these kinds of trips I am just too tired and then crash in the hotel room. Eating wise was not great during travel. I did not binge but I pretty much ate fast food because it was the easiet. I rarely eat fast food anymore. I only ate breakfast lunch and dinner, no snacks. Honestly it was kind of nice to just eat whatever and not think about an eating plan.

So I did not dare to step on the scale.

so May was super crazy work wise and home wise. This past weekend was the last crazy weekend for a few weeks. I feel so much more relaxed now. I really want to get some weight off. The one thing I did do during my travel was reading a lot about weight loss and the amount of food you need. I have in the past lost a lot of weight by eating back exercise calories but it just does not seem to be working. I am not running crazy miles right now and most of the reading I did said that if you are only working out for an hour you really do not need rely on the Gus and stuff. I do believe you need a little more food but probably not 500 calories more. I am going to play around with calories this week and see how I do.

Yesterday I had a perfect eating day. All nutrients were green. I consumed 1920 Calories but I ran 7 miles (took me about 1:20). I would have typically eaten back 500ish exercise calories but I only ate back 200. I felt great yesterday and not hungry. Now typically I am hungrier the following day after a long run and I think eating a couple hundred extra calories will be fine today but I think I am going to focus on the quality of food and listening to my body and then I will check on my weight next Monday.

Today is usually the day I would meet up with our running store's speework session. Tonight is my daughter's 8th grade graduation so I cannot make it ( I cannot believe she is going to be in high school next year!!!). I did the ladder workout this morning and felt pretty good.

I did not quite hit all my target times because I pretty new to figuring out my splits on things. I tend to figure out how to hit a time by using a pace calculator to get the average pace I need. I was off on my calculations. I guess I need a little training on this from my running coach sometime. Not sure how this will come through byt the first column is the Goal pace, then the actual pace, the distance, elevation and then my average pace and then the fastest pace. Oh, I am loving my new garmin. It is so easy to upload your data to Garmin connect and see great stats like this!

2:07 2:12 0.27 0 8:10 6:36
4:31 4:44 0.54 24 8:42 7:15
7:05 7:28 0.8 52 9:23 7:27
9:50 10:35 1.08 82 9:50 8:18

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6 years ago

Have fun at graduation! Take some pics for us :)
Hope you have a great week!!!




6 years ago

wow, your splits are amazing!!