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Monday, Apr 28 2014

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Last half marathon is done for the Spring! I don't do many of these but this was a destination half marathon. We traveled about 3 hours away to Champaign IL. I selected this course because it is supposed to be flat and fast. I have done a couple "flat" half marathons and never felt like they were easier. This was the first flat course I was doing after losing 45 pounds and getting fitter so I thought lets see how I feel about a flat course.

Well, I don't think I got a good comparison because the temperature was really warm. The starting temp was 65 and during the race it got into the 70s. The sun was just beating down on us for the first 6 miles, we were running right into the sun, no shade at all.

I was comfortably holding a 10:10 pace until mile 9, then I started to struggle. I tried not to bargain with myself to stop but for 3 miles I ended up doing a walk/run progression and then I was able to run the last mile to the finish. So in the end I did in 2:20. Only 4 minutes off my PR. Last year at the St. Louis half marathon, the weather was the same and I completely bombed it. So I am happy how I battled in the heat that we NEVER trained in this winter. When the marathoners were crossing the finish line they were just collapsing after they crossed. I saw one of our guys cross and I saw him fall to his knees (he ran the half in 2:54). I ran over there to make sure he was OK. The race person just handed him off to me and Mark could barely walk. He resist my attempts to get him to the medical area. Finally I just guided him over there, he could not walk without my help. It was scary....finally got him to the medics and they were taking care of him. After 20 minutes of being in the shade and pushing fluids he was much better.

I had a amazing trip with 2 of my best runner friends. We had a blast the entire weekend!

It was a great spring racing season for me. I am going to chill for May, just maintenance workouts. I am doing a 5K in a couple of weeks, but I am helping my friend break 32 minutes so no crazy racing.

Now I am going to focus on losing those last 25 pounds. The past month and a half I have just been maintaining. It was a nice break from weight loss. It will be easier to focus on losing weight without all those crazy long runs and races.

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4 years ago

your awesome!!!




4 years ago

Congrats! That is a great time.



4 years ago

Lisa..what an amazing accomplishment..a half marathon in under 3 hours..WOW!!!

I am struggling with my last 25+ pounds as well..but I suspect you are very focused and I know you'll savor the sweet taste of success.

by SOMARA627



4 years ago

You did great... I think all race days should be 60 degrees out no matter what. That's perfect race weather if you ask me :)




4 years ago

you are such a great runner and friend. I really appreciate all of your encouragment. When you are a slower than slow runner it is sometimes hard to stay positive.

I love girl weekend/marathon trips, we always walk (or run)away with so many stories.




4 years ago

Awesome job! Glad you had a blast!