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Tuesday, Jun 17 2014

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Yesterday eating was much better. I really do feel better when I make good food choices and balance my meals. I did a little too much snack BUT I logged everything and did not go over 1,600 calories which is my goal this week.

This journey is definitely a process and instead of feeling down in the dumps I am learning to change my attitude about it. Life is too short to not enjoy it. Being a part of a training team has made a tremendous difference in my life. Being around a lot of people who have the same goal as you makes a big difference.

This morning was a track session with my running coach. It is HOT out there, it will be 93 degrees today. Even at 7am it was crazy humid. BUT I had a great NSV victory. So I have been working on how to run Strides and running them by mid footing. For the longest time I just felt so awkward doing them, the technique just felt weird. AND I really don't like speed work or track work.......because it is so hard and it is very uncomfortable. When I see a track I kind of panic a little. BUT this morning I was running the strides and they actually felt good! Tim said I was actually sprinting! It was a great feeling and was a great inspiration for me, this is really who I want to be!!!! I want to be this person who runs around this stupid track!!!!

It sure helped that there was some great eye candy on that track. If you watch the biggest loser this man looked like Dolvett :)

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3 years ago

I'm with you - track works makes me stress and sweat, and not just from the running. =D

Great NSV with those strides. You just keep getting stronger and stronger - continue to focus on those victories. It's a journey so you are after progress not perfection and you are doing great. :wink3:




3 years ago

wow!! in that heat ur amazing!! superwoman!! to think my goal is to do 1 mi a day with walking sticks and ur running in the dead heat!! i gotta look up to you for that!!! then some good distraction never hurts!! hahahaha!! hope u have some more of that eye candy for the w/e which will soon be upon us!!! yea!!! :-) take care and keep running lady....till next time....thank you for thinking of me!! :-)




4 years ago

Yeah look at you showing off for the man candy =D




4 years ago

Dolvett = :inlove1: