How many calories inAmato's


Three Egg Western Omelet with Home Fries & Toast

Three Egg Ham & Cheese Omelet with Home Fries & Toast

Side Home Fries

French Toast with Home Fries

Breakfast Burrito

Sausage English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

Veggie 16" Breakfast Pizza

Bacon Breakfast Sandwich on White Bread

Steak Breakfast Wrap

Ham Breakfast Wrap

Veggie Breakfast Wrap

Three Egg Garden Omelet with Home Fries & Toast

The Really Big Vermont Breakfast Sandwich

Blueberry Yogurt Cup

Cheese 14" Breakfast Pizza

Blueberry Pancakes (3), with Bacon

Veggie 9" Breakfast Pizza

Big Breakfast with Bacon

Steak English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

Banana Nut Muffin

Traditional Breakfast with Bacon

Side of Two Eggs

Blueberry Pancakes (3) with Home Fries

Ham & Bacon 9" Breakfast Pizza

Hm & Bacon 16" Breakfast Pizza

Western Omelet Breakfast Sandwich

Pancakes (3)

French Toast

Sausage Breakfast Sandwich on White Bread

Wicked Big Breakfast with Bacon

Side English Muffin

Pancakes (3), with Bacon

Traditional Breakfast with Sausage

Cranberry Orange Muffin

Veggie 14" Breakfast Pizza

Blueberry Muffin

Wicked Big Breakfast with Sausage

Side Biscuit

Side Toast

Ham Breakfast Biscuit

Ham & Bacon 14" Breakfast Pizza


Side of Bacon

Sausage Breakfast Biscuit

Mixed Berry Yogurt Cup

Blueberry Pancakes (3)

Chocolate Chip Muffin

Cheese 16" Breakfast Pizza

Steak & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Ham Breakfast Sandwich on White Bread

Big Breakfast, with Sausage, Home Fries & Toast

Pancakes (3), with Home Fries

Bacon Breakfast Wrap

Bacon Breakfast Biscuit

Bacon English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

Steak Breakfast Sandwich on White Bread

Pancakes (3), with Sausage

French Toast with Sausage

Ham English Muffin Breakfast Sandwich

The Really Big Steak Breakfast Sandwich

Sausage Breakfast Wrap

Single Breakfast Pancake

French Toast with Bacon


Blueberry Pancakes (3) with Sausage