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Wednesday, Jan 19 2011

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got a green check yesterday! BUT only think I was disappointed in was about 200 calories in Candy I ate! That is what I get for eating and THEN logging. Mike Ikes killed me! Luckily I had a great calorie burn and had enough calories to manage it. The good thing is that I did log it and it changed how I approached the rest of the evening....eating wise.

I have to remember that next time. For some reason right after work....when I am preparing dinner I get the munchies. I need to make available cererly peppers etc. to munch on to help me from eating the sugar. That will be my plan today!

This morning I was down a half a pound and got in a 5 mile I am feeling pretty good today.

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7 years ago

ooooh Mike & Ikes = deadly. And good for you for logging them and learning from them. Perfect!

by NMA5632



7 years ago

I love Mike & Ikes... used to eat a huge box at a time... and then sit on the couch to ease through the sugar coma. Bravo for all of that exercise!!