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Tuesday, Feb 8 2011

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Yesterday was a green check day! I felt great all day and had a great workout.

Good things I did yesterday:
Exercised for 80 minutes (including 4 sets of 10 push ups on the toes...with help of a trainer:))
Green check day....logged all food.
took 30 minutes of the evening to clean. I am pretty good at picking up after myself and my family but our basement is a mess! The weekends are pretty busy so I never take the time focus on this because I am grocoery shopping, doing laundry, being a taxi driver and event planner for my girls. So my goal it to work on the basement 30 minutes a night so it will get done. It is amazing what I did get done in 30 minutes.

Things I could do better:

I need to reduce my sugar. I have a sweet tooth.

Started the day with a 4 mile jog and I feel great. It will be nice to come home and know my workout is done. I do have to take my daughter to a class tongiht but I will try to work on the basement before we have to leave so when I come home I can chill and watch the biggest loser.

Only bummer this morning the scale bounce back up to 224. I had been steady at 221 so hopefully the scale will be nicer tomorrow morning and thursday for my official weigh in day. I am hoping for 220!

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7 years ago

Your hard work will pay off. Don't freak out over the scale- those things are all over the place! If you have been doing well and having green check days, you know you lost! Even if the scale says otherwise. Stay on track and you will see the scale catch up!