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Monday, Jan 10 2011 - ok now i'm serious!!! lol!!! :-)

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2day's the day wen i get serious about getting bak on trak!!! no chocolate candy till after jan 31st!!! i took all the left over candy sent to me from the holidays & cookies & brought them to the office for everyone there to eat!! no more over days anytime soon!!! my bike is at the shop getting assembled!! getting sneakers this wk & getting bak to the excercise!!! the break was nice but i don't want to live the way i used to!!! 50 lbs loss this yr minimum!!!! even if u had bad food choices during the holidays it's never tooo late to get bak to it!!! TODAY'S MY DAY!!! if any of u have had trouble getting bak on it it's never tooo late!!! don't beat urself up just go bak to cal counting!!!! best of luck to u all!!! xoxoxo

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