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Monday, Jul 9 2012 - back to the salt mines......

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wow another vacation over already!! dam they go fast don't they!! i never eat good when i'm not at work, my schedule gets off & i eat at weird hours then we eat out more it's just tuff!! i'm sure i gained over the wk but am hoping 2mro when it's weigh in time that most of it is gone considering it took a month to move the scale at all & i certainly don't want to undo a months work in a single wk! when we have company we make the salads with real mayo & real sour cream which we NEVER use, then the real butter & meat!!! holy camoly it adds up quickly!!! i even made homemade sugar free limeade to mix drinks with this yr (all 2 of them)!! lol!!! well 2mro will tell!! i had my kids & 3 of the grandkids up for the 4th & we had a blast!! i made a pinata for them & we decorated sugar cookie stars, made refrigerator magnets for their new home & water balloons etc!! fun fun fun!!!! then i pulled out my sewing machine (i bought 8+yrs ago from a friend, made in the 1960's) and although i hadn't sewn in 40 yrs, since my 7th grade sewing class that lasted 9 wks, i made a really cute shirt with no pattern at all!!! it was such a gr8 feeling & even rob (who is very critical & i love it) sd it looked like a shirt i bought in the store!!! see pic!! lol!!! we got some new chairs for our tv room & will get a couch this wk along with some tables!! the gr8 thing about that is that my daughter & her family just got a larger duplex & r moving. they can really use the stuff we're replacing & it's all in gr8 condition as we don't smoke & have no kids or pets! she is very happy!! i'm hoping when i weigh in 2mro that i will not have gained wgt from my time off!! it's one of the hazards of vacation time even if i use it at home!! lol!!! one day mayb i will conquer that as well!! i'm hoping everyone of u had as gr8 a holiday as i had with my family!!! more soon!! love to all!! xoxoxoxoxo

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5 years ago

Nanc, you are a wonder! Muah! xox