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Thursday, February 10th 2011

I am stressed to the max. Tuesday was great until my husband told me get got suspended from work for 3 days. He is an HR manager and has been in a job that has not been great but was trying to stick it out to get some longevity on his resume. a couple years ago he was laid off and was under employed for 9 months....during this time I gained 40 pounds that I re lost last year. His current employer was never good from the beginning...everyone there is just sour BUT he was trying to make it wor...

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Tuesday, February 8th 2011

Yesterday was a green check day! I felt great all day and had a great workout.

Good things I did yesterday:
Exercised for 80 minutes (including 4 sets of 10 push ups on the toes...with help of a trainer:))
Green check day....logged all food.
took 30 minutes of the evening to clean. I am pretty good at picking up after myself and my family but our basement is a mess! The weekends are pretty busy so I never take the time focus on this because I am grocoery shopping, doing laundry, b...

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Monday, February 7th 2011

Yesterday was good except for a chip attack I had during the super bowl.

We made a healthy chili and my daughters wanted some ruffles and chips so we bought some.

Chips usually are not a trigger for me. But, for some reason last night I had one chip that turned into many chips and dip.

I am OK that I ate them. Had a great run in the morning and did another small workout with a friend in the afternoon. So my calorie burn was a lot higher than I documented.

Things I did good...

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Sunday, February 6th 2011

No green check yesterday........had a 2 hours workout yesterday....lots of variety felt great but I was sooo hungry. I had a bowl of apple Cinnamon cheerios and the cold milk and the crunch of the cereal hit the spot. the only problem is that I had about 4 servings of the cereal. My mistake AGAIN that I thought about the day is I did not hydrate enough afterwards. I was almost 300 calories over my target but I usually only count half of my exercise calories anyway so I will be fine. I just...

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Saturday, February 5th 2011

Still at 221 this moring! Had another green check on Friday and I am feeling good.

I swam for 40 minutes this morning and then did a body circuit class and then a 20 minute jog. it felt great.

I have all my food documented and my goal is to get green checks over the weekend. I am not terribly busy this weekend so I should not have a problem logging and blogging and getting green checks.

Here is to another good day!

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