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Tuesday, Sep 7 2010 - holiday w/e's r tough!!

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this past w/e was hell on the diet!! lol!!! one drink is 1/3 of my daily calories!! for just the nite i did wat i wanted & didn't count calories!! lol!! my girlfriends birthday was fri & we went to dinner & i ate wat i wanted & had 2 drinks then saturday was my nieces wedding reception & again i ate & drank & partied like there was no tomorrow!! today it's bak on the wagon for food & no more drinks for a while at least!! gotta get on the scale 2mro & i'm not looking forward to it!! lol!! but we gotta do wat we gotta do!! i kno there will always come occaisions that we may decide to not count calories for a day or a weekend & that is part of learning to control urself.....even if u don't for that occasion we still need to b able to go back to counting & counciling r selves to get back to wat is good for us!!! lol!!! now i have a wedding in october, thanksgiving in nov. & lastly the family Christmas party so all in between needs to b tight!!! tight on calories!!! lol!!! it's not so bad as i get more & more used to eating healthier!! i had to laugh...my sis who is probably more than 300 lbs at 5'4" got pissed cuz i was discussing with another friend that i wd have to try to do 1200 cals a day to try to make up for some of my gluttony of the w/e!!! she said loudly at the table for me to shut up & quit fretting about my calorie intake!!! she noted that i had lost alot of wgt already & didn't need to b so worried!! she was sooo nasty about it & it was a conversation that she overheard!!! then i realized that to her it's not important!!!! it should b of concern & it isn't but it angered her that i cared & i really didn't understand y?? i just let it go at that & still 2day i can't figure out y she was mad that i cared!! i never say anything to her about her wgt??? i am worried after the way i ate & drank that i may have gained....i'll find out tomorrow wen i weigh in!! lol!!! God plz b gentle on me!!! i will try to b a little more careful than usual this wk cuz i was sooo bad this w/e!!! well gotta go but needed to vent!!! best of luck to anyone who is new cuz this does work!!! continued success to those of u who like i have been working on our project for a little or long while!!!

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7 years ago

:wave1: Hi Nancey. Just checking up on you! :kiss: