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Friday, Nov 19 2010 - holiday horror!! lol!!

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well i have been eating like a crazy woman!!! dam it!! i haven't gained but this has been a tough couple of wks & many days over my target!! i will not give up & will pray that i haven't gained this wk!! working from 6am-7pm daily & it's hard to keep my cal's down!! i have just began Christmas baking & that's another story!! lol!! my exercise has almost been forgotten with these hours although i'm very close to my goal of a consistant 10,000 steps a day & my hips r doing much better!! dam it now they r having a million recalls on new hip joint & just getting 2 new ones in the past yr i'm afraid to call the dr to c if mine r on recall!! i promised my baby i wd check after the holidays!! i'm not ready to go thru all that again but God's will prevails so we will c!! to all those out there that have been doing this awhile.....fear not we all hit these dam plateau's & may not lose any weight for wks at a time but if we keep up the good fite it will go away & we will all b bak on the loss side of things!! it took each of many yrs to get to where we decided to take the weight loss challenge so we won't b thinner overnite!!! best of luck to all & just remember to "keep on keeping on!!! " xoxo

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7 years ago

I have been fighting the munchie monster too! I am good during the day but once I get home my brain is shutting off.. It's annoying :tongue10:
This plateau is killing my workout spirit, I am praying something changes soon... And I hope it does for you too...
Good luck with your hip, I am glad it is feeling better and I hope it's not on the recall list.