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Fish Dishes

Cod Steaks in Parsley Sauce

Gastro, Lightly Dusted Sea Salt & Cracked Black Pepper Basa Fillets

Breaded Scampi

Fish Steaks in Butter Sauce

Gastro, Fish Bakes, Mediterranean Tomato

Gastro, Fish Bakes, Cheese & Leek

Simply Breaded, Fish Fillets, extra large

Breaded Fish Cakes

Gastro, Tempura Battered Crispy Lemon & Herb Basa Fillets

Gastro, Signature Breaded Crispy Lemon & Pepper Fish Fillets

Gastro, Signature Breaded Crispy Sweet Chilli Fish Fillets

Gastro, Meal for One, Our Fish Pie

Cod Steaks in Butter Sauce

Flipper Dippers

Breaded Cod Fish Cakes

Gastro, Melting Middle, Chunky Smoked Haddock Fish Cakes, with Mustard Sauce

Kipper Fillets with Butter

Admiral's Pie

Gastro, Melting Middle, Chunky Salmon Fish Cakes

Mariner's Pie

Gastro, Marinades, Sweet Chilli Marinated Basa Fillets

Gastro, Meal for One, Cod, Spinach, Cheese & Potato Gratin

Fish Steaks in Parsley Sauce

Seafood Sticks & Dip

Salmon Crumble

Seafood Sticks

Gastro, Prime Cod Loins with Sicilian Lemon & Herb Sauce

Gastro, Chunky Smoked Haddock Cheddar & Mozzarella Fish Cakes

Fisherman's Pie

Simply Breaded, Haddock Fillets, large

Simply Breaded, Omega 3 Fish Fillets, large

Gastro, Chunky Basa Fillets with Spicy Tomato and Chorizo Sauce

Atlantic Cod Fillets

Flaky White Fish Fillets

Simply Breaded, Fish Fillets

Ocean Pie

Gastro, Calamari

Low Fat, Ocean Crumble

Gastro, Marinades, Cajun Marinated Basa Fillets

Smoked Haddock Fillets

Simply Breaded, Cod Fillets, large

Gastro, Melting Middle, Chunky Cod Fish Cakes, with Creamy Rocket Mornay Sauce

Simply Breaded, Cod Fillets, extra large

Gastro, Chunky Basa Fillets with Rocket, Basil & Parmesan Sauce

Pacific Pink Salmon Fillets