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In childhood and high school I was always a healthy weight. After graduating from college, my weight fluctuated (mostly in the up-direction). I got to an all time high of 158 in 2000, and joined weight watchers (the in-home version - I've always been private about my weight) and lost about 28 pounds. I was able to maintain that loss through several major live challenges, but at the 28th major issue to hit me in the space of 1 year (a slight exaggeration), the pounds came back along with loneline... Read more

Wednesday, December 13th 2017

Eyeliner dream last night :eyebrows: and it actually involved eyeliner (finding it in a bag of make-up brushes). Is it weird I thought of certain CK friends no long after? ;)

Life is pretty good. I'm still enjoying not being in law school. I've taken up random activities like crocheting and sewing and painting hub caps (thanks for the idea Patti!).

I haven't been able to run as much as I'd like because its been very cold and windy the last several weeks. The kids and I did a 5K to raise money fo...

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Tuesday, September 19th 2017

I love me some insomnia! Grrr.

The kids and I are running an 8K on Saturday. Will and I will be fine, but Ellie has only ever run a 5K, so this will be big for her. Our weather has been crazy up and down lately so hopefully it will be cool for our run. That makes it so much more bearable (sp?).

I hurt my right foot when I ran my 10 miler - first ever. Did I mention this run? I don't know. I felt pretty darn good all things considered. My foot is better. I ran a 5 mile on Sunday, so ho...

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Tuesday, September 5th 2017

This turned into a dump of feelings and thoughts, which are a bit of a downer.

Feeling flushed. Am I sick, or peri menopausal? I hate not knowing what is going on with my body. I feel tricked by it. I am tired of the night sweats. So far they haven’t hit me during the day, but this month they were bad at night.

I am also anxious. Especially about Ellie. Also a bit about Steve. Not sure why about Steve, although we’ve had some ups and downs this summer. With Ellie its that she is so ...

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Friday, April 14th 2017

I PASSED THE BAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 1st 2017

I'm back in a more normal routine now that the bar study and exam is over. The change in routine has me thinking - and noticing - a lot. Unfortunately, I've gained around 10 lbs since I went on my trip to the DR with my sister in October-ish. A big chunk of that happened during January and February. In theory, working from home 3 days a week should have given me a lot more time/space to exercise and eat well, but it didn't. I never managed to get the hang of studying, working, and being healthy ...

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