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Saturday, May 15 2004

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I spent nearly 4 hours today working on the yard. It was rough going at first - the tasks seemed just too big and I was sure that S and I would get a tiff about how to proceed. I don't know how to handle our differences sometimes. I'd elaborate, but my thoughts go in circles on this, so I'm not getting anyway. It bothers me that he speaks about the house as being my house sometimes - I think I can understand him doing that - its probably a mark of respect for the fact that I do actually own the house alone, but still. Doesn't make me feel very much like a couple.

I continued to pull the creaping charlie, nearly picked a full trash can of it. Amazing weed - and my arch nemisis! Then we turned over the soil on the back third of the yard. I layed starter fertilizer and grass seed on the whole lawn and then watered for a bit. A long task. I'm tired and sore. I can't believe its 5:30 already.

I never would have spent this much time working on the yard last year. Never. It was all I could do to make myself mow the lawn. And we all know why don't we? No need to repeat.

I felt faint several times today while working on the yard. I think it was due to low blood sugar, so I ate an energy bar and felt better after some time.

We are going to LaCrosse tomorrow. I hope we're both in a better mood by then.

I'm too restless right now to write - I wonder if its good restless or bad/anxiety restless. Perhaps I need to eat.

I weighed in again today - 128. After this week, I'm relieved to have no gain, but secretly disapointed. I do think I revved my metabolism, though. It got a good week of maintenance level eating. I'm back on track today.

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