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Monday, Feb 4 2008

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So. I lost 7 pounds this week. Uh-huh. :bigeyes3: 7 pounds on someone my height is beyond extreme and I've never EVER lost that amount in one week.

Obviously the scale was either wrong LAST week or I dumped tons of water for some reason. Measurements were down as well, though, so it wasn't completely fluke-y and I'll take it. Even if 3-6 of those pounds are weird water-ness, there is still some progress there. And? Since my milk production was only down by about 1/5th, I can keep with this "new" system of eating my back exercise calories as long as the total net is in the CK range.

Yippee! Skippee!

Its hard to sit down and think a journal entry through and really reflect with only certain times available in my day without a distraction, but I think I need to soon. S and I had a interesting conversation on Saturday that I'm still processing. Interesting being code for intense/tearful/ultimately probably good but painful.

Courtney? Steve's daughter is not sleeping well anymore. =D Per your astute observation, I'm not claiming her in this instance.

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a decade ago

Just dropping by to say HI! :hi:




a decade ago

I don't think I've ever heard you BE snide, much less come across that way. :kiss: Jacob and Trevor have gotten pretty used to our exercising, and often they join in. You should see the family yoga sessions. :laugh5: Otherwise, they will read books or play in the back yard. Some nights are harder than others, with every water break spent making dinner or changing a diaper or consoling a crying child. But for the most part we make it work.

by CBL



a decade ago

Hey, congrats on the loss. Like Courtney, I figured out your code a long time ago. ;) Probably because it's very similar to mine. =D

by CBL



a decade ago

LMAO. I know "interesting" is always code with you. :love: And tell Steve's daughter to knock it off and go to sleep. =D

by REV