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Sunday, Jan 17 2010

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So, I've always said I'm not a runner, but a) I really enjoyed running when I lived in Zimbabwe, and b) I'm thinking about entering some type of local short race (5K/10k) in order to shake up my workouts. I had a plan set for Jan - Mar and I'm meeting my goals so far, but maybe I could do this after that?

I ran across this website from a reference in another CKer's blog and it seems like it might help reduce those aches and pains that I've always gotten from running.

Do any of you runners or friends of runners have input re Galloway?

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8 years ago

I think it's a great idea! I love to run, too. A lot of people I know really like Galloway, though I haven't tried it. Did do Hal Higdon (you can google it) and it worked well. Choosing a plan and sticking to it works!




8 years ago

Ahem... It's about a 4.5 hour drive from your place to Green Bay... Just sayin' :)




8 years ago

I'm doing C5K for the second time now. It's a very good program that takes you from zero to 5k in 9 weeks. I started it a second time after a back injury flared up and laid me up from running for nearly a year. Inertia added another year to that. :) What I like about it is that it's a gradual program, neither too fast or too slow for me. I've even turned into one of "those" people and was out running in the snow in 23F degree weather.

by JAY



8 years ago

I started off with the C25K training program and it is excellent. I recommended it to staff at the YMCA in my area and after review they have decided to work this program into their new member orientation. I love it because its designed at a perfect pace for the beginner and before you know it you are more than 5k ready. Best part is you can download the program onto your iPod free of charge. Your son can also participate with you because it has a lot of stop start, walk run, activities which won't tire him out yet still give you a running partner.




8 years ago

Galloway is the most widely known program. I just started one of his programs this week. I signed up for a Women on the Run training program sponsored by the Atlanata Track Club. The location that I am at is the running store owned by Jeff Galloway! You should also check out the C25K (couch to 5K) training program at Best of Luck




8 years ago

I think Kerry is our resident expert on Galloway, but as far as aches and pains from running, my advice is stretch!! I had lots of aches and pains in the beginning but -- good running shoes and stretching really took care of that!

by NMA5632