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Friday, Nov 15 2013

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Oh, friends. Life is crazy. I've been staring at and revising my 150+ pages of notes on Constitutional Law for almost 8 hours today. The extra crazy part? There are TWO semesters this - we only cover judicial power, congressional power, presidential power, and a little bit of individual rights this semester. The funny thing is that I feel like I know, personally, our Supreme Court justices from reading SO MANY of their opinions. I distrust Scalia and Thomas. Thomas because of his sexual harassment and crazy-ass wife, and the fact that his tendency to read the Const for original intent would preclude his very presence on the court. And, he and Scalia hate women, apparently. Scalia because he is a loose cannon, and has ZERO perspective on contemporary life. I SO VERY MUCH heart Ruth BG. And I'm really respecting Kagen and Sotomayor. Saw a portrait of these ladies plus Sandra DO, and its awe inspiring what they have accomplished. Love me some kick ass ladies.

Work is ... AGHHH ... here is what I am grateful for, though - my skin is thickening, which means my heart and soul are better protected. In one respect, being my self has earned me support - ie my ability to acknowledge bad decisions. On the other hand, this job leaves me NAKED, corporately-speaking. Guess this is what it is like, potentially, at the exec level. Makes me COMPLETELY understand why many women say, "NO F(*&&^ing WAY am I voluntarily entering that crazy town." I am actually feeling what I would call a mid life crisis without the sports car. The idea of staying home has NEVER seemed so appealing. Although I absolutely appreciate that staying at home would bring, for me, a whole 'nother set of issues. So, I'll do what I do because it supports my family, and because some day I hope to take that perfect position in the perfect company. (yes, I know, it probably doesn't exist).

Okay - I'm gonna put this here, because I don't brag anywhere else. I don't think I've shared this here, yet, but if I have - forgive the repetition. I am first in my weekend class. First. First. First. First. May not last, but while it does - this is the woman who was sure she would flunk out. FIRST. In part, I'm writing that out because I STILL find myself thinking, "Its a fluke." Just imagine how awful I'd be if I'd hadn't had a supportive upbringing.

So, back to Con Law.

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4 years ago

"my skin is thickening, which means my heart and soul are better protected." :love: love, Love, LOVE that. :kiss:




4 years ago

Oh, Lynnie. No one is surprised that you are doing so well. No one. Madeline Albright would be proud of you. I know *I* am. :kiss:




4 years ago

Thomas and Scalia bother me and I've never read Constitutional law. :laugh5: The whole framer's intent thing makes me batty. It's a nice thing to help understand why they did what they did but 2013 ain't 1789, dig?

AlsoÂ…congrats on being FIRST! I knew you'd do great and you have. I love me some kick ass Lynnie!

L. is originally from Manila, north of the typhoon's path. Neither of her brothers were affected thankfully. She moved to Germany when she was a young lass not long out of college though, which is why I saw she is 110% German.

by JAY



4 years ago

I hear you on the SCOTUS, scary. They have given women and working people a real beating.

First in your class! Rock on.