How many calories in- Average All Brands -

Vegetables, cooked

Potato, flesh only, boiled

Potato, with skin, baked

Sweet Potato, Average All Types, flesh, peeled, boiled

Potato Scallop, deep fried

Mixed Vegetables, boiled

Pumpkin, Average All Types, flesh only, no fat, baked

Broccoli, boiled

Sweet Potato, flesh only, baked

Potato, Mashed, w. milk & butter

Onion Rings, battered, deep-fried in oil

Green Beans, boiled

Carrot, Mature, peeled, boiled

Peas, Green, boiled

Cauliflower, boiled

Lentils, boiled

Eggplant (Aubergine), baked

Pumpkin, Butternut, flesh only, boiled

Mushrooms, Button / Flat, stir-fried without oil

Silverbeet, boiled

Zucchini, Green, boiled

Potato, flesh only, baked, no oil

Sweetcorn, boiled

Potato Chips, oven fried

Cassava, peeled, boiled

Beans, Black, Black Eye, Borlotti, Cannellini, Haricot, Kidney, Lima, average all types, boiled no salt

Pumpkin, Queensland Blue, flesh only, boiled

Asparagus, boiled

Brussels Sprouts, boiled

Lima or Butter Beans, boiled

Spinach, English, boiled

Swede, peeled, boiled

Onion, stir-fried, no oil

Cabbage, Green / Savoy, boiled

Beetroot, boiled

Capsicum, Red, stir-fried without oil

Mushrooms, Shiitake, stir-fried

Snake Beans, boiled

Choko (Chayote), peeled, boiled

Eggplant (Aubergine), grilled

Celeriac Root, peeled, boiled

Potato Salad

Squash Spaghetti, boiled / baked

Broad Beans, boiled

Parsnip, baked

Bok Choy, stir-fried without oil

Kidney Beans, Red, boiled

Cauliflower Cheese

Taro, flesh only, boiled

Peas, Split, boiled

Burdock or Gobo (Japanese Root Vegetable) boiled, no salt

Capsicum, Green, stir-fried without oil

Fennel, boiled

Leek, boiled

Pumpkin, Golden Nuggett, flesh only, baked

Mushrooms, Shiitake, cooked, no salt

Carrot, Baby, peeled, boiled

Eggplant (Aubergine), boiled

Onion, Average All Types, peeled, boiled

Parsnip, boiled, drained

Mung Beans, boiled

Chicory, boiled

Bok Choy, boiled w. salt, drained

Cabbage, Red, boiled, no salt

Mushrooms, Shiitake, dried

Zucchini, Golden, boiled

Squash, Button, boiled

Artichoke, Globe, boiled

Peas, Edible-podded, boiled

Celery, stir-fried without oil

Mushrooms, Shiitake, cooked w. salt

Kohlrabi, boiled

Okra, boiled without salt

Chilli, Red, stir-fried without oil

Beans, Soy, Dried, boiled

Garlic, fried without oil

Potato, Dehydrated Flake, reconstituted

Turnip, White, peeled, boiled

Purple Beans, boiled

Artichoke, Jerusalem, boiled

Pigeon Peas, boiled

Chilli, Green, stir-fried without oil

Adzuki Beans, mature seeds, boiled

Succotash, (corn and limas), boiled

Squash, Scallopini, boiled

Purslane, boiled

Ginger, peeled, fried without oil

Salsify, boiled