Frozen Meals

Main, Chicken Parmigiana, Average All Sizes

Main, Curried Sausages

Chef's Special, Beef Massaman Curry

Chef's Special, Vegetable Frittata

Main, Steak & Kidney Pie

Chef's Special, Moroccan Lamb

Chef's Special, Beef in Red Wine Casserole

Chef's Special, Greek Lamb Casserole

Main, Chicken Schnitzel

Chef's Special, Sri Lankan Beef Curry

Main, Corned Silverside w. White Sauce, Average All Sizes

Chef's Special, Chicken Stroganoff

Chef's Special, Tuna Mornay

Chef's Special, Pork Meatloaf with Orange Glaze

Chef's Special, Lamb Nuggets w. Bubble & Squeak

Chef's Special, Vegetable Fritters

Tick Approved, Beef Goulash

Tick Approved, Lamb Casserole

Main, Cottage Beef Pie

Main, Apricot Chicken

Chef's Special, Butter Chicken

Chef's Special, Spinach Fetta Burger

Seafood, Baked Ocean Fish Fillet

Chef's Special, Mango Chicken

Chef's Special, Vegetable Korma

Tick Approved, Traditional Meatloaf w. Gravy, Average All Sizes

Main, Sausages in Onion Gravy, Average All Sizes

Tick Approved, Indian Style Lamb Curry

Tick Approved, Roast Chicken w. Gravy, Average All Sizes

Seafood, Barramundi

Chef's Special, Lamb Rogan Josh

Tick Approved, Homestyle Rissoles w. Onion Gravy, Average All Sizes

Main, Roast Pork w. Apple Sauce, Average All Sizes

Chef's Special, Lamb Steaks with Dijon Mustard Sauce

Chef's Special, Turkey Rissoles

Tick Approved, Grilled Steak w. Mushroom Sauce

Main, Ham Steak & Pineapple

Main, Roast Turkey w. Cranberry Sauce, Average All Sizes

Main, Beef Lasagne w. Shredded Cheese

Chef's Special, Baked Vegetable Pack

Chef's Special, Chicken Cacciatore

Chef's Special, Mexican Beef

Main, Roast Beef w. Rich Brown Gravy, Average All Sizes

Chef's Special, Boneless Beef Riblets

Seafood, Lemon Fish

Chef's Special, Grilled Steak with Seeded Mustard Gravy

Tick Approved, Pepper Steak

Chef's Special, Pork Steaks in Plum Sauce

Chef's Special, Pork Steaks with Orange Scented Gravy

Seafood, Salmon Fish Cakes w. Sauce

Main, Lamb Steaks with Rosemary

Chef's Special, Lamb Steaks with Redcurrant Glaze

Main, Steak Pie w. Mushroom Gravy

Tick Approved, Lamb Steaks w. Rosemary

Tick Approved, Chicken Casserole

Seafood, Crumbed Fish w. Seasoned Wedges

Chef's Special, Caramelised Onion Burgers

Tick Approved, Roast Lamb w. Mint Jelly, Average All Sizes

Chef's Special, Mediterranean Chicken

Tick Approved, Shepherds Pie