How many calories in- Average All Brands -

Meat Dishes

Doner kebabs, meat only

Pork, spare ribs, 'barbecue style', homemade, weighed with bone

Shish kebab, meat only

Doner kebab in pitta bread with salad

Chilli con carne, homemade

Beef bourguignon, homemade

Sweet and sour chicken, takeaway

Stew, beef, with dumplings, homemade

Curry, chicken, Thai green, takeaway and restaurant

Curry, chicken korma, homemade

Pie, beef, puff or shortcrust pastry, individual, retail

Corned beef hash, homemade

Cornish pasty, homemade

Curry, lamb vindaloo, homemade

Lasagne, homemade, with extra lean minced beef

Meat samosas, takeaway

Spring rolls, meat, takeaway

Curry, lamb biryani, homemade

Chicken fricassee, homemade

Kofta, beef, homemade

Biryani, chicken, takeaway

Beef, mince, with vegetables, stewed

Moussaka, homemade

Lancashire hotpot, homemade

Samosas, lamb, deep fried in rapeseed oil, homemade

Coq au vin, homemade

Liver and onions, stewed, homemade

Chicken chasseur, homemade

Curry, lamb rogan josh, homemade

Stir-fry beef with green peppers and blackbean sauce, takeaway

Steak and kidney pudding, homemade

Shish kebab in pitta bread with salad

Pork, spare ribs, in black bean sauce, meat and sauce only, homemade, weighed with bone

Shepherd's pie, homemade

Samosas, lamb, baked, homemade

Pork, spare ribs, 'barbecue style', meat only, reheated, weighed with bone

Toad in the hole, homemade

Casserole, sausage, homemade

Curry, chicken vindaloo, reduced fat, homemade

Curry, chicken, average, takeaway

Chicken/turkey pasties/slices, puff pastry

Wiener schnitzel, homemade

Duck with pineapple, homemade

Pasta with ham and mushroom sauce, homemade

Sweet and sour pork, battered, takeaway

Liver and bacon, fried, homemade

Sweet and sour pork, homemade

Spaghetti bolognese, homemade

Duck a l'orange, including fat and skin, homemade

Chow mein, chicken, takeaway

Curry, chicken tikka masala, retail, reheated

Coronation chicken, homemade

Spaghetti bolognese, retail, meat and sauce only, reheated

Pie, steak and kidney, single crust, homemade

Pasta with meat and tomato sauce, homemade

Pork pie, individual

Coronation chicken, reduced fat, homemade

Meatballs, pork and beef, in tomato sauce, homemade

Chicken, stir-fried with rice and vegetables, retail, reheated

Devilled kidneys, homemade

Chow mein, pork and chicken, homemade

Fajita, chicken, meat only, takeaway and restaurant

Turkey and pasta bake, homemade

Curry, chicken, made with cook-in sauce

Lamb's heart casserole, homemade

Curry, chicken, average, retail, reheated with rice

Lemon chicken, homemade

Curry, beef, homemade

Shish kebabs, with onions and peppers, homemade

Lamb, mince, stewed with onions

Pie, chicken, individual, baked

Pie, chicken and mushroom, single crust, homemade

Faggots in gravy, retail, reheated

Chicken, stir-fried with mushrooms and cashew nuts, homemade

Spaghetti bolognese, retail, reheated, with spaghetti

Lasagne, homemade

Curry, chicken balti, retail

Chicken, stir-fried with peppers in black bean sauce, homemade

Chilli con carne, retail, reheated, with rice

Curry, chicken vindaloo, homemade

Haggis, boiled

Tripe and onions, stewed, homemade

Pie, steak and kidney, double crust, homemade

Casserole, pork and apple, homemade

Pie, Cottage, homemade

Chicken wings, marinated, meat and skin, barbecued, weighed with bone

Meat loaf, homemade

Stew, beef, homemade

Chicken chasseur, homemade, weighed with bone

Sauce, duck a l'orange

Curry, chicken tandoori, retail, reheated

Kheema, beef, homemade

Pork, sweet and sour, made with lean pork, homemade

Pie, game, homemade

Toad in the hole, made with skimmed milk and reduced fat sausages, homemade

Kofta, lamb, coated with breadcrumbs, homemade

Cornish pasty, retail

Beef, minced, stewed with onions, extra lean

Casserole, rabbit, homemade

Lasagne, retail, reheated