Fish, canned

Chunk Style Tuna in Olive Oil Blend, drained

Chunk Style Tuna in Springwater, drained

Tuna Slices Springwater, drained

Tuna Tempters Chilli, drained

Tuna Tempters Lemon & Cracked Pepper, drained

Wild Alaskan Red Salmon, drained

Sardines in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, drained

Sardines in Springwater, drained

Tuna Tempters Sweetcorn & Mayonnaise

Sardines in Tomato Sauce

Tuna Tempters Onion & Tomato Savoury Sauce, drained

Mackerel Fillets in Brine, drained

Smoked Kipper Fillets in Brine, drained

Anchovies Fillets in Olive Oil, drained

Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon, drained

Tuna Tempters Zesty Vinaigrette, drained

Salmon Slices in Springwater, drained

Light Tuna Tempters Onion & Tomato, drained

Tuna Tempters Sweet Chilli

Tuna Slices Olive Oil Blend, drained

Salmon Tempters Tomato & Onion

Salmon Tempters Olive Oil Blend, drained

Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil Blend

Salmon Tempters Lemon & Cracked Pepper

Salmon Tempters Springwater, drained

Tuna Tempters Naturally Smoked, drained

Deli Tuna Flame-Grilled Capsicum in Oil, drained

Tuna Slices Smoked, drained

Salmon Slices Smoked, drained

Herring Fillets in Tomato Sauce

Sardines with Lemon, Chilli & Garlic, drained

Tuna Tempters Mango Chilli

Tuna Tempters Oven-Dried Tomato & Basil, drained

Light Tuna Tempters Sandwich Style in Springwater, drained

Skinless & Boneless Salmon Chunk Style in Olive Oil Blend, drained

Deli Tuna Extra Virgin Olive Oil Blend & Pink Salt, drained

Tuna Tempters Mild Indian Curry, drained

Deli Tuna Chilli Infused Oil & Lemon Zest, drained

Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna, Olive Oil Blend

Fiery Tuna & Tangy Jalapenos, drained

Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna, Springwater

Street Asian Malaysian Curry & Tuna

Skinless & Boneless Salmon Chunk Style in Springwater, drained

Salmon Tempters Lime, Ginger & Chilli, drained

Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna, Tomato & Onion

Deli Tuna Zesty Lemon & Italian Herbs

Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna, Thai Red Curry

Chunk Style Tuna in Garlic & Soy in Oil, drained

Deli Tuna Cherry Tomato & Chilli Infused Oil

Deli Tuna Soy & Caramelised Garlic in Oil

Tex Mex Enchilada Spices & Tuna

Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna, Chilli

Salmon Tempters Naturally Smoked

Rainbow Trout Smoked Fillets

Sardines with Rosemary & Sea Salt, drained

Deli Tuna Lime, Ginger & a Hint of Chilli in Oil

Mackerel Fillets in Sriracha Sauce

Deli Tuna Rosemary & Sea Salt in Oil, drained

Chunk Style Tuna in Brine, drained

Salmon Tempters Chilli, drained

Salmon Tempters Lemon & Dill, drained

Salmon Tempters Teriyaki

Rainbow Trout Smoked Fillets in Chilli Oil

Protein+ Calcium Rich Tuna, Lemon & Cracked Pepper

Chilli Salmon

Chunk Style Tuna in Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper in Oil, drained

Tuna Tempters Fiery Chilli

Tuna Tempters Thai Red Curry

Deli Tuna Lemon Myrtle with Green Peppercorns, drained

Tuna Tempters Teriyaki

Tuna Tempters Tomato Bruschetta