How many calories in- Average All Brands -

Fresh Fruits

Bananas, raw

Apples with Skin, raw

Avocados, average all varieties, raw

Blueberries, raw

Strawberries, raw

Gala Apple, raw, with skin

Red or Green Grapes (European type), raw

Watermelon, raw

Granny Smith Apple, raw, with skin

Tangerines (Mandarin Oranges), raw

Pineapple, raw

Fuji Apple, raw, with skin

Oranges, average all varieties, raw

Peaches, raw

Pears, raw

Raspberries, raw

Plums, raw

Red Delicious Apple, raw, with skin

Californian Avocados (Hass), raw

Mangos, raw

Cantaloupe Melons, raw

Sweet Cherries, raw

Blackberries, raw

Navel Oranges, raw

Pomegranate, raw

Papayas, raw

Grapefruit, average all varieties, raw

Nectarines, raw

Kiwi Fruit (Chinese Gooseberries), raw

Asian Pears, raw

Figs, raw

Medjool Dates

Apples without skin, raw

Clementines, raw

Golden Delicious Apple, raw, with skin

Honeydew Melons, raw

Green Plantains, fried

American Grapes (Slip Skin), raw

Guavas, raw

Cranberries, raw

Japanese Persimmons, raw

Green Plantain, boiled

Prickly Pears, raw

Sweet Plantains, yellow, baked

Concord Grapes, raw

Florida Avocados, raw

Litchis (Lychee), raw

Apricots, raw

Jackfruit, raw

Tamarind, raw

California Valencia Oranges, raw

Pummelo (Pomelo), raw

Lemons, raw, without peel

Deglet Noor Dates

Durian, raw

Longans, raw

Lemon Peel (Zest, Rind), raw

Limes, raw

Orange Peel (Zest, Rind), raw

Wax Jambu (Rose-Apples), raw

Red Sour Cherries, raw

Red or White Currants, raw

Green Plantain, raw

Breadfruit, raw

Huckleberries, raw

Jujube, raw

Native Persimmons, raw

European Black Currants, raw

Mulberries, raw

Kumquats, raw

Rhubarb, raw

Sapodilla, raw

Crabapples, raw

Gooseberries, raw

Carambola (Starfruit), raw

Sugar-Apples (Sweetsop), raw

Feijoa, raw

Quinces, raw

Purple Passionfruit (Granadilla), raw

Soursop, raw

Tamarillo, raw, peeled

Sweet Plaintains, yellow, raw

Florida Oranges, raw

Groundcherries (Cape-Gooseberries, Poha), raw

Casaba Melons, raw

Cherimoya Custard Apple, raw

Loquats, raw

Bullock's Heart Custard Apple, raw

Acerola (West Indian Cherry), raw

Sapote (Marmalade Plum, Mamey), raw

Roselle, raw

Java-plum (Jambolan), raw

Mammy-Apple (Mamey), raw

Carissa (Natal-Plum), raw

Elderberries, raw

Horned Melon (Kiwano), raw

Pitanga (Surinam Cherry), raw

Oheloberries, raw